8 Industrial IoT Services That Can Make Solution Providers Money Today

Industrial IoT Demands New Services

The Internet of Things is not just changing the technology landscape, but also how solution providers can make money.

Industrial and manufacturing plants are beginning to see the benefits of IoT, and it's generating new services that solution providers can deploy.

However, to tap into the new services opportunities, solution providers need to better understand the terms and machines behind Industrial IoT – such as programmable logic controllers, SCADA systems and autonomous machines.

Gathered from discussions with solution providers involved in Industrial IoT, here are eight services that can generate revenue right now.

PLC Programming

Programmable logic controller programming is one area of opportunity for solution providers in the manufacturing space. A PLC is an intelligent system with inputs and outputs that are used to control automated processes in industrial settings. This programming is often done using the ladder logic language but can be programmed in multiple languages. Vendors including Siemens, Schneider Electric and Mitsubishi specialize in PLC platforms and programming.

Solution providers have the opportunity to develop new PLC systems from the ground up, as well as troubleshoot, update and add to pre-existing PLC systems. In addition, solution providers can integrate PLC systems with other devices – like robots, vision cameras or human machine interface systems – and make sure they work with various industrial network protocols and hardware layers.

Motion Control Engineering And Servo Systems

Solution providers also can find money-making opportunities around motion control and servo systems in industrial settings. These systems involve one or more motors providing feedback – usually through an encoder – to a programmable motion controller.

If these systems are properly tuned and motion control programs are optimized, it can help reduce cycle time and product waste as well as improving throughput and productivity.

Solution providers have opportunities to deploy services around data collection, web handling, and electronic gearing and camming around motion control engineering and servo system programming.

Machine Vision Integration

Machine vision inspection and integration is another service where solution providers can play a big role with their industrial customers. It is critical for machines to be equipped with the proper lens, lighting selection and part presentation.

Solution providers can install machine vision applications, as well as inspect them for quality, resolution, precision and color.

Robot Programming And Automation

Solution providers have ample opportunities to deploy services around robot programming and automation. For instance, solution providers can pick and place applications, vision and robot integration and robot pathing – the process of helping robots get from one point to the other. Solution providers also can make use of advanced coordinate system features to reduce complexity and development time for robots on the factory floor.

An array of vendors offer robotics platforms, including Omron Adept Technologies, Epson Robotics and ABB.

Manufacturing Execution Systems Services

Solution providers can be involved in providing a plantwide solution tailored to customers' specific needs around operations management, manufacturing execution systems and manufacturing quality systems.

Customers are looking for systems that include data integration and visualization modules, and want anything from standard SCADA systems to full-featured manufacturing execution system implementations. Solution providers can help customers by gathering requirements and specification development, developing custom reports and dashboards, line performance tracking, and system quality monitoring services.

Packaging Machinery Programming

Customers are looking for help with packaging machinery programming, which include multiple technologies – from PLCs to SCADA systems. The controls for many different types of packaging equipment can be programmed, including case backers, pallet loaders, conveying systems and gluing systems.

Solution providers can use their industrial and automation expertise to help end users and packaging machinery manufacturers to program packaging equipment.

Oil And Gas Engineering Services

Solution providers have a big opportunity around engineering services for the oil and gas sectors. Several big-name vendors are investing in this niche market, including Microsoft, National Instruments, Rockwell Automation and Siemens. Solution providers can help with particular platforms, unifying or combining multiple systems, or putting the final touches on systems that are ready to be deployed.

Solution providers interested in the oil and gas sector can deliver custom hardware development, remote connectivity, system automation, data collection, process control, and SCADA development, as well as PLC programming and distributed control system engineering.

HMI And SCADA Programming

Solution providers looking at the manufacturing sector have the opportunity to offer programming services and solutions for human machine interface and SCADA systems.

Efficient HMI and SCADA designs will enable operators to easily view and control processes, store essential information, increase the safety of their plant through visible notifications and enable remote support and de-bugging. Solution providers can work to program products from vendors such as Siemens, National Instruments and Microsoft.