Eye On IoT: 15 Lesser-Known Companies That Could Ramp Up Your Business Today

A Whole New (IoT) World Of Vendors

The Internet of Things is shaking up many of the existing relationships solution providers have with their big-name vendor partners, as a crop of lesser-known IoT companies are stepping up with their own vertical-focused products.

Solution providers can now work with companies that offer highly vertical IoT technologies, among them Ayla Networks, SiteWhere and Telit.

These companies develop highly specialized products, such as gateways and sensors, that are helpful for solution providers working in certain verticals – but many have yet to establish a channel relationship, or even realize that the channel exists, said Stephen DiFranco, principal of IoT Advisory Group. "These are companies you have never heard of … and they have no idea who you are," he said. "The partners that you currently use are not going to be the ones you'll use going forward."

Here are 15 vendors that solution providers probably haven't heard of yet but may want to work with as they build up their IoT practices.


Aeris is service provider that touts itself as having the only cellular network designed and built exclusively for machines. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company has its purpose-built AerCore connectivity platform, along with its IoT analytics platform, AerVoyance. AerVoyance provides analytics to manage and monitor IoT and M2M deployments in real time.

Aeris in 2015 launched the Neo Affiliate Program that brings IoT network connectivity services to the channel via a recurring revenue model.


Advantech manufactures hardware for connectivity edge solutions. The company's edge intelligence servers accelerate IoT implementation by providing solutions with edge computer, software development tools, and pre-configured cloud services. Advantech also offers embedded IoT gateway and wireless IoT nodes and extension boards.

Advantech works with solution providers to bring its IoT hardware devices to market.


Anaren's IoT group has a range of wireless devices, cloud software and integrated sensor-to-cloud offerings to IoT developers and commercial customers.

Anaren offers a cloud-based software platform called Anaren Atmosphere, featuring a drag-and-drop interface and rich toolkit, and an AWS-powered cloud hosting service enabling developers to quickly build complete IoT solutions.

Anaren works with sensor and hardware partners, deployment services partners, sales partners and distribution partners.

Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks provides an end-to-end platform for IoT manufacturers in a variety of markets – including home appliances, HVAC systems, water heaters, and home fire and safety products. Its platform is comprised of Ayla Embedded Agents, Ayla Cloud Services and Ayla Application Libraries.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup, founded in 2010, partners with technology and cloud vendors but also integration partners such as Cognizant and LogicPD.


B-Scada is an IoT company that provides software and hardware offerings for monitoring real-time data in Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that are prevalent in IoT vertical applications such as building automation, smart grid and manufacturing. The Crystal River, Fla.-based company also offers sensors and analytics tools.

B-Scada offers a program for premier and certified partners, which gives resellers, integrators and vendors benefits such as product discounts and training.


ConnectOne's iChipNet platform is comprised of building blocks for solution providers who want to focus on vertical markets – including embedded technology, a Wi-Fi hub, cloud solutions, and a compatible smartphone app.

ConnectOne focuses on verticals such as medical, point of sale, smart grid, asset management and industrial control. The company works with distributors as part of its go-to market strategy.


IoT smart products platform provider Evrything gives any physical object a digital identity, making them smart through smart tags like QR codes and RFID.

This startup, founded in 2011, recently closed $24.8 million in Series B funding. Evrything works with a variety of partners specializing in devices, smart packaging and labels, professional services like integration and consulting, and specific industry expertise.

Johnson Controls

Solution providers interested in tapping into the smart building opportunities need to know about Johnson Controls. This company has offerings for connected buildings, including smart air systems, building management tools, HVAC controls and equipment, and smart refrigeration.

Johnson Controls also specializes in batteries, including applications, lead-acid and lithium-ion products, and battery recycling.


Lantronix manufactures gateways for systems integrators and channel partners to take advantage of in the IoT space. These intelligent gateways, including the SGX 5150, PremierWave XN and Premier Wave XC, are industrial-grade and wireless, with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Lantronix also has embedded Wi-Fi and wired offerings, like system on module single board computers, embedded device servers and SoC modules.

The company's premier partner program offers systems integrators and resellers resources and training for IoT deployments.


Libelium provides the tools that partners need to connect sensors on IoT-enabled devices to the cloud. Libelium's portfolio includes the Meshlium, which connects sensor networks to the cloud, as well as custom hardware and firmware designs. The Redwood City, Calif.-based company also offers products on the developer side, including IoT starter kits and Waspmote, a sensor device for developers.

The company works with solution providers, systems integrators and distributors to bring its products to market.


IoT startup Particle has been building up its channel program around IoT software and management tools. The company's main product, Particle Cloud, is an enterprise platform that helps companies build and ship IoT products in as little as six months.

Particle Cloud is currently available for free as a prototype and comes in paid tiers as the customer creates products with more than 25 devices. The company, which began on Kickstarter in 2013, also offers an array of boards and development kits, and hardware offerings such as the Asset Tracker hardware kit and Internet Button, which enables users to press a button to trigger something on the internet.

Red Lion

Red Lion specializes in the tools needed to develop industrial automation solutions. The company offers controllers and data acquisition tools, such as input/output modules, PID controllers and industrial controllers; as well as HMI operator panels and sensors. These offerings are targeted at industrial IoT applications, such as Industrial Ethernet, remote monitoring, visual management and protocol conversion. Red Lion products are available through industrial automation and networking distributors.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless comes at the Internet of Things from all angles with a lineup of hardware, software and services offerings. The company's portfolio includes embedded wireless modules and gateway offerings as well as its IoT Acceleration platform, which integrates its hardware with managed connectivity services.

It also provided the reference architecture for MangOH, an open-source IoT hardware platform.


Telit focuses on the connectivity aspect of IoT. In addition to offering a platform as a service through an IoT portal, the company manufactures short-range, cellular and automotive IoT modules and offers application integration. Telit also offers custom plans for data, SMS and voice on tier-one networks, and M2M connectivity management.

Beyond partnering with technology vendors, Telit offers partner programs for systems integrators and network partners.


Zentri offers a connected product platform that contains an OS purpose-built for commercial grade IoT. ZentriOS is available on Zentri hardware modules and on hardware from major semiconductor manufacturers. Zentri Device Management Service manages all aspects of firmware, software and apps for with high levels of security and reliability.

Zentri, which was recently acquired by Silicon Labs, works with cloud service providers and systems integrators.