10 Connected Platforms And Products Unveiled At IoT World

New IoT Products And Platforms

IoT World kicks off this Tuesday in Santa Clara, Calif., as vendors and solution providers gather to show off their newest Internet of Things products, platforms, and solutions.

As the Internet of Things market matures, customers are looking for more capabilities beyond merely connecting devices – such as monitoring, managing and analyzing data, collecting real-time data at the edge, and securing their existing solutions.

The channel, meanwhile, is looking for new platform capabilities fitting vertical market needs, such as industrial-grade hardware for connected manufacturing floors.

From Samsung's Artik newly updated "enterprise-ready" platform to Eurotech's new industrial-grade gateway for IoT applications, here are 10 key introductions from this week's show.

Samsung Expands Artik IoT Platform With New Services

Samsung Tuesday broadened its Internet of Things Artik platform with new features to make connected device deployments more secure and easier for partners.

The platform now enables secure services for device on-boarding so that customers can automatically on-board into the network, new device and user management services, and edge node management services.

In addition to new management features, Artik now enables customers to carry out secure OTA (over the air) updates so users can manage their fleets once they are deployed in a secure way.

Samsung Unveils New Artik 053 Module

Samsung also unveiled a new module, the Artik 053, for connected home devices, building automation products, health-care devices and industrial applications.

This module, which packs an ARM Cortex processor and runs on Wi-Fi, is targeted for these IoT applications through its high-performance and security capabilities. The Artik 053 is available through distribution partners, including Arrow Electronics, Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics and Mujin.

Samsung's New QuickStart Program

Samsung also showcased its new QuickStart program at IoT World. This program supports businesses through helping them connect their products to Artik cloud.

The QuickStart program offers partners on-site workshops and training to help them build IoT solutions quickly. The program also offers an array of services like software, firmware, cloud, mobile apps and development to help support IoT deployments.

Striim Introduces Data Management Solution For IoT

Striim introduced a new comprehensive streaming data management solution for IoT. The solution is called Striim Edge Controller, a monitoring framework allowing users to manage edge servers in a scalable fashion.

According to the data and intelligence platform provider, its solution helps companies manage the influx of data from devices, and integrate that data with the enterprise to analyze it in real time. With the controller, users can build and modify edge processing and analytics flows in the Striim servers and push them to selected edge servers.

Striim also said it is expanding its IoT partner ecosystem to include several IoT vendors, including Microsoft, Fujitsu, Statistica and Dell EMC.

Eurotech Lifts Curtain On New ReliaGate 10-12

Eurotech unveiled the newest gateway in its product lineup, the ReliaGate 10-12. This IoT gateway is targeted at industrial-grade IoT applications, including remote capital assets, data collection, energy monitoring, or remote maintenance for field devices.

The gateway is powered by Everyway Software Framework, an enterprise-ready middleware that features advanced security, diagnostics, remote access and full integration with Everway Cloud.

Eurotech's ReliaGate 10-12 is powered by a Texas Instrument AM3352 ARM Cortex A8 processor. It also features 1 GB of RAM and a MicroSD slot for storage, as well as Wi-Fi, BLE and LTE Category 1 connectivity options.

Eurotech's ReliaCell Supports LTE Category 4

Eurotech also said its ruggedized modular USB cellular adapter, ReliaCell, now supports LTE Category 4 transmission rates. ReliaCell, which is targeted at mobile and industrial IoT applications, eases the migration of devices with a USB interface, including Eurotech's ReliaGate gateways.

According to Eurotech, variants for the U.S. that are Verizon pre-certified are available, and more carrier certifications will be added after the product's release.

’The new … ReliaCell LTE models demonstrate Eurotech’s commitment to our industry-leading IoT portfolio,’ said Marco Carrer, Eurotech’s chief technical officer, in a statement. ’They deliver robust functionality, scalability, and flexibility in both I/O capabilities and connectivity options, including the latest 4G IoT capabilities, for the most demanding and geographically diverse IoT deployments.’

Rubicon Labs IoT Identity Platform

Security firm Rubicon Labs showcased its identity platform at IoT World. The San Francisco-based company says its identify platform extends seamlessly from the cloud to the "smallest and lowest power" IoT devices.

"As we have seen in recent months, hack attacks have hijacked private and personal data and caused irreparable damage to the market reputation of global brands," said Rubicon Labs CEO Richard Egan in a statement. "The Rubicon Identity Platform safeguards against intrusions by enabling IoT identity in industrial, medical and agricultural networked environments. We look forward at IoT World to engage with potential partners who need unique identity and security on their IoT devices."

The platform provides unique device identities so that IoT networks can authenticate devices, validate data, encrypt data and enforce policies across IoT applications. According to Rubicon, these policies help users enable secure and targeted over-the-air updates.

Cambium Networks Delivers New 'Frictionless Wi-Fi Offerings

Cambium Networks at IoT World unveiled new 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Points, as well as new software features and management capabilities for its Wi-Fi products.

"802.11ac cnPilot indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions are proven in schools, hotels, retail stores, event venues, and public Wi-Fi networks around the world,’ said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Cambium Networks, in a statement.

The announcement includes four new hardware products, including two indoor enterprise dual-band access points, an outdoor enterprise Wi-Fi solution with a built-in sector antenna, and an indoor home and small business single-band router.

As part of its new management features, Cambium Networks said that service providers have a dashboard through the Cambium managed service provider feature to view their Wi-Fi networks, enabling them to manage data privacy and role-based access to network information.

Infiswift Launches IoT Platform For Industrial Enterprises

At IoT World, Infiswift unveiled the availability of its IoT platform for industrial-grade solutions.

This platform, which uses a broker to distribute messages to recipients in real time, is sustained at scale, processing up to 50,000 active devices through a single cloud-based broker, according to Infiswift.

’Our platform was designed for large enterprises looking to develop a connected solution that needs to be as fast and efficient as possible,’ said Sarva Thulasingam, CTO of infiswift, in a statement. ’Our patent-pending architecture isn’t off-the-shelf patchwork that many platforms offer; it’s the best performing technology available."

Electric Imp Adds Security Features To IoT Platform

Electric Imp at IoT World said that its platform received UL cybersecurity certification, meaning that it is the first platform customers can build upon, without additional third-party testing required, to gain UL’s Cybersecurity Software Implementation Certification.

"IoT developers tend to focus on the business problems, but don't have strong expertise in security," CEO Huge Fiennes told CRN. "We now have the UL 2900 security certification, which features standards that offer testable security criteria for industrial control systems and medical hardware."

Electric Imp's platform is also fully aligned with the Industrial Internet Consortium security framework, which focuses on safety, reliability and security in industrial IoT applications.

"This immediately differentiates the platform," Fiennes said.