The New Wave Has Arrived: Intel's Ramp-Up Of Products For IoT

Intel's IoT Portfolio

As a company at the forefront of the Internet of Things revolution, Intel offers a range of IoT solutions for its partners and customers. That includes products such as modules aimed at IoT applications. Other products offered by Intel enable new types of computing experiences, such as PC sticks and mini PCs that can connect to external displays.

What follows are five products offered by Intel for IoT and personal computing.

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Intel Compute Card

The Intel Compute Card is a new modular compute platform that’s about the size of a credit card. Targeted at enabling new advances in the Internet of Things, the Compute Card features an Intel processor (with options including a seventh-gen Core processor), as well as memory, storage and wireless connectivity. The Compute Card also offers different I/O options to provide added flexibility to hardware manufacturers.

Intel Joule

Intel Joule is a system on module for Internet of Things developers as well as enterprises, enabling rapid prototyping of Internet of Things devices. Joule is ideal for bringing Internet of Things technologies to a range of industries, with possible uses for Joule such as machine learning, computer vision and robotics.

Intel Quark

Intel Quark is a family of microcontrollers offering low power consumption for the Internet of Things. Products in the line, including the Intel Quark SE Microcontroller C1000, have a range of industry applications such as smart home and smart building, retail, industrial and energy.

Intel NUC

The Intel NUC is a mini PC with business applications such as digital signage and productivity. The NUC features low power consumption, up to seventh-gen Intel Core i7 processors and a form factor of 4 x 4 inches.

Intel Compute Stick

At about the size of a pack of gum, the Intel Compute Stick can provide a full computing experience by connecting to any HDMI display. The Compute Stick contains up to 4 GB of memory and up to 64 GB of storage, and is available with Intel Atom or Intel Core M processors.