Gartner: 5 'Cool Vendors' In The Internet Of Things Market

Cool Vendors For IoT

Consumers and enterprises now have access to an array of Internet of Things products and services, from connected devices to solutions – but Gartner has found a handful of select companies that take IoT a step further.

The research firm recently listed five "cool vendors" in the IoT market, who help CIOs and their stakeholders build solutions through technologies targeting design, integration, platforms and security capabilities.

These five "cool vendors" bring an array of features to the table, including solutions to help customers accelerate time to market for IoT solutions, and secure identification capabilities that can bring solutions to the next level. Following are Gartner's five "cool vendors" in the Internet of Things.


Exosite is a global IoT software company that offers enterprise IoT software, digital transformation services, and development services. The company touts its cloud-based platform, Murano, as a way for companies to enable end-to-end services, from connected devices including device management services; to connected solutions like application hosting.

The company recently launched Exchange marketplace, a curated library of IoT services, products and content, which enable a centralized approach to IoT to help manufacturers reduce development cost.

"Exosite is emerging as a major player and thought leader in the IoT space. Our technology is helping organizations overcome real-world barriers to realize the full benefits of IoT in ways that no other platform provider can," said Hans Rempel, CEO of Exosite, in a statement.

Exosite has a robust partner program including edge silicon partners, edge gateway partners, business system and software partners, communication partners and solution partners.

Hiving Technology

Hiving Technology offers the first technology that can provide every person on the planet with one unique identity for purposes like banking and loyalty, national identification, and local identification.

The technology, Hive One ID, provides secure identification to individuals – serving an important role in IoT solutions like home automation, connected vehicles or health care. This technology also contains secure identification and is ideally suited as an OEM component for device manufacturers.

Partners can look to the Hiving Technology Connect Partner program for resource, training and tools that help them solve customer's challenges.


Reekoh offers an IoT integration platform-as-a-service for system integrators implementing IoT solutions. The company, which partners with companies like Libelium, Smarter Technology Solutions and Maxbyte Technologies, recently updated its platform with support for Docker containers, enhanced security features, and a new visualization tool called Dashboard Studio.

"Reekoh's unique IoT Integration Platform-as-a-Service, combined with our Plugin Marketplace and data workflow design tools, gives customers the capability to deal with the vast fragmentation that exists within the IoT space," said Dale Rankine, CEO of Reekoh, in a statement. "By enabling modular and scalable interoperability between all points of the IoT value chain (device, network, services, security, platforms and applications), Reekoh solves the ever-increasing issue of integration and vendor lock-in that enterprises face when adopting IoT products and solutions that are aimed at improving their customer experience and business transformation requirements."


Gartner selected Rigado as another "cool vendor" in IoT. This company was selected for its wireless low-energy device modules, configurable wireless gateways and a DeviceOps platform for secure over-the-air updating. These services make up an integrated platform for companies designing IoT solutions in consumer, commercial and industrial markets.

Rigado also recently announced it has raised $3.3 million in seed funding in June, which the company will use to grow its global presence and expand its IoT connectivity product line.

The company works with an array of partners and distributos, including SweetBlue, Wirepas, and Future Electronics.


Seebo offers an IoT innovation platform that allows manufacturing companies to launch smart solutions quickly and cost-effectively. The IoT company's pitch to companies is that its platform enables them to carry out their IoT ideas from proof of concept to commercial validation "in a few short months." Seebo offers solution concept mapping resources to give customers deeper visibility into project costs, pricing comparisons, and simple quote generation from third-party suppliers to reduce costs.

"Seebo enables manufacturers to transform their smart ideas into market disruption quickly, easily and profitably, empowering them to revitalize products through innovation, trigger brand leadership, get user data and increase margins," said Lior Akavia, Seebo CEO and co-founder, in a statement.