Q&A: Schneider Electric Executives On How The Company's Profit Engine Helps Partners Make Money In IoT

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It's All About The Money

IoT has all kinds of efficiency, safety and reliability benefits for the industrial space – but CEOs of big manufacturing floors just have one concern: money.

That's why Schneider Electric is offering its systems integrators what it calls a "Profit Engine" tool, a set of software and other capabilities aimed at helping customers optimize every asset of a plant and enabling partners to make a strong case for how IoT will not just help industrial efficiency and safety, but also profitability.

Through the company's tool, called Smart Control, the enterprise can manage and control all its business variables under a unified strategy – so management better understands what the real-time variables mean for overall profitability.

CRN sat down with Peter Martin, vice president of business innovation and marketing for process automation at Schneider Electric, and Tony Lane, the system integrator leader at Schneider Electric, to talk about what this new tool means for the channel.

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