IoT Channel Chronicles: Avid Solutions Wants To Help Manufacturers Quickly -- And Safely -- Connect Their Systems To The Network

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The Smarts Behind Smart Manufacturing

Avid Solutions isn't your typical IT solution provider – in fact, the company prides itself on instead focusing on industrial control systems, which are the operational technology that make up a plant floor.

The company has traditionally offered products and services from industrial-focused companies, like Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers, or Rockwell Software. And now, as more companies start to connect their manufacturing products to the network to improve efficiency and track real-time data flow, Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Avid Solutions is finding new educational opportunities around industrial IoT – and what that means for security.

"We're really establishing and setting the stage for our customers to leverage us once the market starts to mature," said Jeff Miller, chief technologist of smart manufacturing. Following are excerpts from CRN's conversation with Miller about the opportunities and challenges in the OT channel.

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