6 Cool, Connected Solutions At IoT Solutions World Congress

IoT Solutions From Around The World

Companies from around the world will gather in Barcelona this week to exchange ideas and show off their coolest solutions in the Internet of Things market.

This year's IoT Solutions World Congress will feature 220 manufacturers, distributors and service providers. The applications vary widely but all are generally aimed at how IoT continues to bring efficiency to industries like retail, construction, and manufacturing. Several of the companies at this year's show have worldwide channel partner programs.

This year, companies are focusing on their top security and industrial IoT solutions, showing how they integrate multiple technologies to provide one solution and how they are successfully bringing these solutions to market. Here are the six coolest connected solutions to look out for at the show.

CENTRI's IoT Security Solution

IoT security company CENTRI will showcase its security software service, which is designed to protect data and ensure the integrity of edge devices. The solution uses machine-based ID to authenticate devices, as well as data encryption so that IoT solutions are secure from "chip to cloud."

"CENTRI IoTAS can eliminate the business risks associated with IoT edge devices which send and share sensitive data to and from the cloud. The platform can also accommodate unique crypto access based on multi-stakeholder needs for smart data governance. CENTRI is thrilled to participate in the Industrial Internet Consortium and fellow members at this leading global event," said Vaughan Emery, CEO and president of CENTRI Technology, in a statement.

PTC's Industrial IoT Platform

PTC will demonstrate its ThingWorx platform on the IoT Solutions World Congress show floor. The industrial IoT company will specifically show how its platform integrates and works with other industrial companies' products.

For instance, PTC will show how its platform works with technology from HPE and National Instruments to form predictive maintenance software for a Flowserve pump – so manufacturers can predict with an asset is going to fail and how they can use the platform to take preventative measures and avoid downtime.

Altierre's IoT Automotive Solution

San Jose, Calif.-based Altierre will showcase a solution the company created with Sonic Automotive to automate inventory and retail processes in car dealerships.

Altierre, which provides low power wireless IoT infrastructure solutions, teamed up with Sonic Automotive to design a solution that helps car dealerships transform their time-consuming manual process for updating pricing, inventory, promotions and other key details into an automated digital process that operates in real time. Sonic Automotive helped to install Altierre's eCarTag electronic labels and wireless IoT solution across more than 100 dealerships.

Rubicon Labs' Secure Identity Platform

IoT security company Rubicon Labs will show off its Secure Identity Platform at IoT Solutions World Summit.

This platform "simplifies the task of provisioning secure identities for tens of millions of connected IoT devices" by deploying an identity agent for the IoT devices and an identity cloud-based service for secure management of the devices.

Our customers have a wide range of devices to manage, including gateways, resource-constrained microcontrollers, ECUs and smart sensors," said CEO Richard Egan in a statement. "They want a simple and secure identity platform that works seamlessly with multiple devices, different RTOS's, topologies and transport layers, and all managed by a highly scalable cloud portal."

Yokogawa's New Remote Pump Monitoring Service Prototype

Yokogawa announced it would exhibit and demonstrate a prototype of a new Internet of Things service at IoT Solutions World Congress.

The service, which will be carried out in collaboration with Iwaki, is a proof of concept test for a remote pump monitoring service, which uses industrial IoT architecture currently under development by Yokogawa.

According to the company, the proof-of-concept test will examine the market potential this service, through monitoring the operating status of Iwaki magnetic drive pumps used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food plants for the transport of various types of fluids. The service will process data like the temperature of the liquid, pump discharge pressure and flow rate.

Orange Business Services And Microsoft's Datavenue Modular IoT Solution

Orange Business Services and Microsoft will demonstrate their joint IoT solution, targeted at companies in the manufacturing sector.

Orange's IoT solution, called Datavenue, will integrate with Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite to optimize the manufacturing value chain.

The two companies are working to deploy a remote monitoring solution for customer e.l.m. lebanc SAS, a major player in the French housing and industrial market for heating and cooling systems.

The solution collects data from steam boilers in a heating system and alerts technicians of any malfunctions, helping the company fine-tune predictions on the probable cause of failures based on real-time analytics.