CRN Interview: GrayMatter CEO Talks About GE's Investment In Partners And How He's Successfully Pitching IoT To Customers

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How GrayMatter Is Addressing The 'Digital Gap'

James Gillespie, CEO of GrayMatter, a Pittsburgh-based solution provider and GE partner, is definitely seeing interest in the Internet of Things grow over the past year , and he expects that interest to continue to grow among industrial customers.

However, the CEO told CRN during GE's Mind and Machines conference in San Francisco last week that he is seeing a "digital gap" in industrial companies that want a better digital strategy but don't know where to start.

According to Gillespie, that's where GrayMatter can step in to provide its knowledge around IT and operational technology and help customers pull together IoT solutions. Following are excerpts from CRN's discussion with Gillespie.

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