2017 Internet Of Things 50: 15 Coolest IoT Software And Services Companies

Software And Services For IoT

For end-to-end Internet of Things solutions, an application runs deeper than the hardware, sensors and gateways at the edge – and it all boils down to the data.

Customers need software and services to effectively mine and manage their data – including data collection and management tools, reliable networks and analytics technology to ultimately add value to their IoT applications.

Vendors are amping up their expertise around the services going into connected applications, such as app development, data management and analytics, and network development and management – and they are looking to their channel partners to flesh out and integrate these offerings into the final IoT solution.

Following are 15 vendors with the coolest Internet of Things software and services offerings.

Aeris Communications

Top Executive: Marc Jones, Chairman, CEO

San Jose, Calif.-based Aeris offers a modular IoT platform enabling asset management, data management, connectivity and analytics. Aeris also touts a Neo Affiliate Program that brings IoT network connectivity services to the channel through a recurring revenue model.

Amazon Web Services

Top Executive: Andy Jassy, CEO

AWS offers a managed cloud platform for IoT so customers can use the Seattle-based company's existing services – including AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Machine Learning – to build IoT applications that analyze data from connected devices.


Top Executive: Randall Stephenson, Chairman, CEO

AT&T's IoT platform, AT&T Control Center, helps solution providers deploy, manage and scale IoT apps and devices connected to the company's 4G LTE network. The Dallas-based carrier also offers a cloud-based development tool, Flow Designer, that lets developers quickly build IoT applications.


Top Executive: Mike Mulica, CEO

IoT startup Actility touts itself as the industry leader in low-power WAN (LPWAN) solutions for large-scale infrastructure. The French company owns the ThingPark IoT Solution platform, which enables scalable LPWAN and interoperable IoT applications and services.

Ayla Networks

Top Executive: David Friedman, Co-Founder, CEO

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Ayla Networks offers an enterprise software platform to help bring connected products to market more quickly. Its IoT Cloud Platform is an enterprise-scale architecture composed of cloud services, embedded agents and application "libraries" with APIs to securely control products.

Bosch Software Innovations

Top Executive: Rainer Kallenbach, CEO

Bosch Software Innovations' IoT Suite allows developers to quickly build, implement and operate cloud-based IoT applications. The Device Management component from Chicago-based Bosch's IoT Suite provides a reliable connection and control for IoT devices, machines and gateways.

Davra Networks

Top Executive: Paul Glynn, CEO

Dublin, Ireland-based Davra Networks' RuBAN platform takes the data generated from IoT devices and presents it in a way that is easy for customers to consume and visualize, making it simple for solution providers to rapidly deploy IoT applications from a single platform.


Top Executive: Niall Murphy, Co-Founder, CEO

Evrythng's IoT platform allows companies to manage their data and track their connected devices by assigning digital identities to products. New York-based Evrythng has partnered with packaging companies so they can track their products through the supply chain and develop IoT applications like smart packaging.


Top Executive: Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President, CEO

Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM's Watson software platform enables an array of capabilities for end users. The platform allows partners and customers to build secure scalable IoT apps and services, analyze their IoT data, monitor assets and manage connected facilities.


Top Executive: Satya Nadella, CEO

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft's Azure IoT platform enables customers to remotely monitor and analyze data. With Azure, partners can help their customers generate, integrate and orchestrate data, and then manage and analyze that data through Azure Stream.


Top Executive: Mark Hurd, Safra Catz, Co-CEOs

Redwood City, Calif.-based Oracle's IoT Cloud service equips customers with data and application management, big data analytics, and cloud security and scalability capabilities. This service enables customers to connect through device virtualization, high-speed messaging and endpoint management features.


Top Executive: Jim Heppelmann, CEO

Boston-based PTC's IoT strategy revolves around its ThingWorx IoT Platform for application developers. ThingWorx supports rapid application development through the use of model-based development and mashup tools, as well as augmented reality applications with its Vuforia Studio platform.


Top Executive: Bill McDermott, CEO

Walldorf, Germany-based SAP's HANA cloud platform is an in-memory IoT platform that helps customers quickly develop and deploy real-time applications. Customers also can use the underlying SAP HANA cloud platform to extend the applications and integrate non-SAP software.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Top Executive: George Fischer, SVP, Group President

Basking Ridge, N.J.-based Verizon's ThingSpace platform, which is a web-based, self-service interface enabling developers to create IoT applications, includes a set of APIs that are the most demanded set of APIs in the carrier's history, according to Verizon Enterprise Solutions.


Top Executive: Rob Johnson, CEO

Columbus, Ohio-based Vertiv approaches ioT through a "mission-critical" strategy by supporting edge computing IoT that is essential for making quick decisions in high-pressure environments.