6 Ways IT Vendors Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Strengthen Their Product Portfolios

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User Behavior Analytics

Aruba Networks is pushing to integrate more artificial intelligence and machine learning into key existing product lines, such as Aruba Airwave and ClearPass, but the company is also using AI to drive new value-added services to solution providers.

Jisheng Wang, senior director of data science at Aruba, who joined the company through its acquisition of user behavior analytics vendor Niara, noted that deploying and implementing Wi-Fi infrastructure in large enterprises can take months for solution providers. But by using AI technology, which can automatically generate project recommendations based on peer-to-peer comparisons and access point location, partners can enhance the value of services they're providing to end customers.

"We don't want to sell pure AI technology. We're not an AI vendor. We want to improve the customer experience through technology," Wang said. "We also want the partner or the service providers in the middle to give us the feedback. What are really the pain points with the customer? What better experiences are they looking for?"

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