CRN Exclusive: Intel VP Poulin On Partner Opportunities For AI In The Data Center And Optane's Multibillion-Dollar Potential

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Poulin On The Record

When it comes to Intel's data center business, the growth opportunities are "almost endless" for partners, said Shannon Poulin, vice president of the sales and marketing group and general manager of the industry sales group at Intel, Santa Clara, Calif. "Think about switching and routing, legacy switching and routing. It's now turning to virtualized switching and routing," Poulin told CRN in an exclusive interview during Intel Partner Connect 2018 in National Harbor, Md.

At the conference, Poulin talked about Intel's highest priorities for its Data Center Group, the multibillion-dollar opportunity for the company's Optane memory module in data centers, how the company plans to take on artificial intelligence chip startups, and whether data center partners will have any role with autonomous vehicles and connected cars.

"If AI is early days, autonomous vehicles is also very early days, and you see the same sort of thing -- a fragmented market of non-volume economics solutions right now. We believe we can be a player to bring volume economics into that market," Poulin said.

What follows is a portion of Poulin's conversation with CRN.

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