5 Major IoT Challenges Executives Are Grappling With

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Challenges Mean Opportunities For Solution Providers

If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that the Internet of Things is here to stay. With Microsoft recently committing $5 billion to invest in IoT initiatives and a McKinsey study from last year pointing to strong growth potential in enterprise IoT, there are plenty of opportunities for solution providers to get into the space.

The organizers of IoT World, a conference in Santa Clara, Calif., happening next month, recently surveyed more than 100 IoT executives about their companies' initiatives and found that many of them face challenges when it comes to scalability, implementation, connectivity and security. Some are even considering whether blockchain, the decentralized ledger technology that powers the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, could solve challenges with security and efficiency.

The issues faced by these executives point to potential opportunities for solution providers to provide products and services that address issues with IoT system implementation and scalability. The surveyed companies represent leaders across several industries, including retail, supply chain and logistics, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, telecom, healthcare, governments and financial services.

In the following slides, we look at the biggest IoT issues that are top of mind for these executives.

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