Dell Technologies World 2018: The 5 Biggest Trends Driving Dell's Product And Solution Strategy

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The swirling cauldron of change washing over the IT industry can be boiled down to five key trends that will dictate the future of market, as well as the strategies Dell Technologies is developing to capitalize on the opportunities being created.

Dell Technologies Vice Chairman, Products and Operations Jeff Clarke laid out those five trends during a keynote address at the Dell Technologies World conference in Las Vegas this week.

Those trends, Clarke said, represent the overarching direction of the technology industry toward an artifical intelligence and software-defined future guided by customers' need to assess and act upon data in real time. The result will be a Dell Technologies that exerts control over nearly every aspect of the infrastructure required by the AI, machine-learning and software-defined market, Clarke said.

The trends Clarke outlined are speeding customers' digital transformation and prompting Dell Technologies to make rapid improvements to its infrastructure systems, as well as its services capabilities, he said.

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