8 Hot Blockchain Vendors Solution Providers Should Check Out

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Banking On Blockchain

While blockchain is still in its early days, some solution providers are already jumping at the chance to find enterprise-grade solutions for the technology. The good news for early adopters is that there is already a diversity of enterprise blockchain platforms available both from major vendors in the channel, like Microsoft, and newcomers, like BigchainDB.

Originally conceived as a distributed ledger for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain is now seen as a potentially transformative technology for the enterprise, in part because of its tamper-proof qualities and its ability to provide a single source of truth for multiple parties. 

With Gartner projecting blockchain's business value-add to grow to $176 billion by 2015, the technology's applicability is expected to impact many industries, including banking, insurance, retail, health care and transportation.

What follows are eight hot blockchain vendors whose software you can start using today.

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