6 Channel-Friendly IoT Offerings That Solution Providers Should Check Out

IoT Solutions That Play Nice With The Channel

If you're a solution provider looking to get into the Internet of Things, good news: There are many vendors, both small and large, that provide a variety of channel-friendly solutions for your customers' needs.

At the IoT World 2018 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. last month, dozens of IoT technologies were on display, representing a wide range of verticals and use cases, from building automation to physical product management. One of the solutions, Sens'it, is an IoT development kit made by Sigfox that can help systems integrators and consultants to easily put together IoT system prototypes.

In the following slides, we highlight vendor offerings at IoT World that provide opportunities for solution providers in some capacity, whether for systems integration, consulting or managed services.

JouleIQ Smart Lighting

JouleIQ provides a combined hardware-and-software system for smart lighting that is built on top of the Samsung Artik IoT platform. The vendor provides hardware for dimmers, sensors, wall switches and gateways for edge- and cloud-based lighting control. Using its software, Joule IQ can adjust lights based on lighting conditions, time of day and the number of people occupying a space. It also features predictive maintenance. Joule IQ works with systems integrators, lighting architects and LED manufacturers.

Buddy Resource Monitoring

Buddy provides hardware and software systems for complete resource monitoring in commercial, industrial and multi-family residential buildings. The vendor's hardware offerings is led by the Buddy Ohm, a cellular-connected system gateway that collects readings from wired and wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, electricity, gas, water, steam consumption and solar power generation. That information is then sent to the Buddy Cloud software for processing and visualization. Buddy provides an online resources portal for channel partners.

Iconics IoT Automation

Iconics provides IoTWorX, IoT software for edge devices that is designed for industrial settings. By combining the vendor's IoT gateway technology with its SCADA software and analytics, the system allows manufacturers and facility managers to visualize, analyze and mobilize real-time information for any application on any device to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Iconics has a multi-tier channel program for systems integrators.

Sens'it IoT Devkit

Sens'it Discovery is an IoT development kit made by LP-WAN provider Sigfox that aims to make prototyping easier. The kit comes with sensors for temperature and humidity monitoring, light monitoring, magnet detection, door opening detection and vibration detection. Using Sigfox's LP-WAN network, the Sens'it unit can send sensor data to an app for real-time data visualization, device management and alerts. Sens'it is also available as a white-label product for live-production deployments. Sigfox is working with systems integrators.

SAP Connected Goods

Connected Goods is SAP's cloud software platform for monitoring the state and inventory of physical products, including raw materials and semi-finished or finished goods. The platform can provide alerts for a variety of conditions, including, for example, when a cooler has become too warm or when the supply of a certain good is low. In those cases, the platform could send a maintenance alert for the former and trigger a purchase requisition for the latter. The platform also provides monitoring and alerts for location. The SAP PartnerEdge program encompasses a broad ecosystem of system integrator, reseller and ISV partners.

ClearBlade Edge Computing Platform

ClearBlade is an edge computing platform for enterprises that need to connect disparate data streams from sensors, aggregate that data and normalize it for their cloud platform of choice. For instance, the platform can help a railroad operator monitor the status of a gate crossing, as well as the state of the battery level and temperature. The platform provides integrated security, data visualization, messaging and notifications, business rules and machine learning, data streaming and filtering, and enterprise system integration. ClearBlade works with systems integrators.