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5 Big IoT Security Challenges (And How To Overcome Them)

Dylan Martin

CRN talks to tech executives and engineers about some of the biggest IoT security challenges in the industry and how organizations can try to overcome them.

The Increasing Number And Diversity Of Devices

Another big challenge in IoT security is the fact that the number of connected devices in the world continues to increase, as do the types of such devices, which, in turn, expands the attack surface and makes protecting networks even more complicated.

Jonathan Langer, co-founder and CEO of Medigate, an IoT security startup focused on health care systems, said this is becoming a bigger problem in the health care world because the coronavirus accelerated the demand for remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions.

“[Devices for such use cases] are coming into play, and not only within the four walls of the hospital, but also in outpatient facilities, remote care, home health and so on,” he said. “We‘re seeing IoT sweep into these other venues that we haven’t been focused on before with regard to patient health.”

This creates a need for greater visibility in these new environments and a need to secure the devices so that health care organizations can trust the data they collect, according to Langer.

“That‘s what remote patient monitoring is all about: getting that data without getting the patients to come into the four walls of the hospital. So if we’re to trust it, we have to know that the device is secure,” he said.

Langer said IoT device visibility solutions like the one Medigate provides can help organizations identity the new kinds of devices coming online in these new environments. And from there, organizations can put network segmentation policies in place, which can minimize the attack surface and limit an attacker’s ability to move laterally throughout a network.

But Langer admitted that there is still more work to be done to protect environments that fall outside of a health care organization’s network, like someone’s home.

“It‘s one type of challenge when it’s in your network. When it’s outside looking in, that problem is compounded,” he said. “That definitely exacerbates [the problem], and that’s why I’m calling this out is something that we should be looking at as an industry.”



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