5 Enterprise IoT Solutions We Spotted At CES 2019

Surprise, CES 2019 Has Enterprise Tech!

Just as its original name suggests, CES 2019 isn't where you might go to seek out enterprise technologies. But to our surprise, there were some products on display that catered less to consumers and more to the business crowd.

What follows are five Internet of Things enterprise solutions we spotted at CES 2019.

Bosch Phantom Asset Management Solution

Bosch's Phantom is an asset management hardware and software system that monitors and analyzes energy usage of devices by plugging into an electrical network, with no requirements to connect individual devices. The hardware device has embedded artificial intelligence capabilities that enable it to provide predictive maintenance recommendations based on the electrical signature of individual devices. The platform also provides management tools, trend reviews and industry benchmarks. Phantom is available now, with the hardware device starting at $250.

Snips Commands

Snips Commands is voice command software for connected devices and audio devices that does not require an Internet connection to work. The software is fully embedded in a microcontroller device, enabling a low-latency, responsive voice interface that is both cost effective and compliant with data privacy laws. Snips Commands is available now to OEMs and systems integrators at a flat fee per device.

Targus MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System

MiraLogic is a workplace intelligence system from Targus that combines hardware and software to track occupancy and energy consumption within a workspace so that companies can optimize the use of their space. The system comes with a smart USB-C dock, smart power strip, smart sensor and desktop power strip, which also provides IT professionals with remote control and management of the workspace. The system is expected to become available in April and no pricing information is currently available.

ThirdEye X2 Mixed Reality Glasses

ThirdEye calls X2 the "world's smallest mixed reality glasses," thanks to its small form factor, thin display and six-ounce weight. The ruggedized smart glasses are made for both consumer and commercial applications. The glasses feature a 42-degree field of view and 1280-by-720 HD display, which is powered by an integrated CPU/GPU with 3GB of memory and 32GB of storage. The device's ThirdEye App Suite includes basic augmented reality applications for remote help and 3D model scanning. The glasses are available to pre-order for $1,950.

Kopin Golden-i Infinity

Golden-i Infinity is an enterprise-level augmented reality solution from Kopin that can strap onto most glasses and hardhats. The device, which has a list price of $899, runs via a Windows 10 or Android host device and provides a wide range of applications, including point-of-view camera, barcode reader, Zoom video conferencing, media playback and recording, and language translation. Target verticals include warehousing, manufacturing, field service and utilities.