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IoT World 2019 News: The 6 Biggest Announcements

Dylan Martin

CRN breaks down the six biggest IoT announcements at the IoT World 2019 conference, which included Verizon's expansion of its NB-IoT network, new security features from Mocana to protect large IoT deployments and a new mini-asset tracking solution.

Former Lantronix Execs Launch New IoT Data Management Solutions

Machinechat, a new Internet of Things startup founded by former Lantronix executives, launched a new IoT data management solution called JEFI IoT Data Manager.

The founder and CEO of Machinechat is Sanjeev Datla, who was previously CTO of Lantronix, a publicly traded provider of data access and management solutions of IoT. The company's chief marketing officer is E.E. Wang Lukowski, who was previously director of corporate marketing at Lantronix.

JEDI IoT Data Manager is the "industry's first network-integrated data management software," according to the San Jose, Calif.-based company. The solution uses software-defined networking principles to enable IoT data management intelligence in existing network routers, gateways and access point, allowing IT networking OEMs to expand into new markets and customer segments.

"With JEDI IoT Data Manager, Machinechat enables both existing and new networking equipment to become IoT aware – allowing IoT solution architects to focus on configuring versus coding, and enabling IoT networks to achieve automated machine data integration and management in minutes, not months," Datla said in a statement.

With JEDI IoT Data Manager, IoT solution architects can accelerate the development and deployment of IoT projects without the need to change existing hardware or develop new software. The software has a point-and-click interface for easily directing the right sensor and machine data to applications.

Other features include integration support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services IoT platforms and the aggregation of multiple sensors and machines into a "virtual gateway."

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