The Coolest Business Analytics Companies Of The 2019 Big Data 100

Part 1 of CRN's Big Data 100 looks at the companies you need to know in the big data business analytics space.

Final Analysis

Business analysis software includes the data visualization and business intelligence tools that everyone from statisticians, to market analysts, to every-day information workers, use to derive insight and value from ever-growing volumes of big data.

Global sales of business intelligence and analytics software reached $22.79 billion in 2017 and are expected to reach $55.48 billion by 2026 – a CAGR of 10.4 percent.

As part of the 2019 Big Data 100, we've put together a list of business analytics software companies that solution providers should be aware of, offering everything from simple-to-use reporting and visualization tools to highly sophisticated software for tackling the most complex data analysis problems.

This week CRN will post the rest of the Big Data 100 list in slide show for vendors of software for data management and integration, data science and machine learning, and big data systems and platforms.


Top Executive: CEO Dean Stoecker

Alteryx develops a platform for analytics and data science that incorporates data discovery, blending and preparation, analysis and management capabilities. The focus is on making advanced analytics accessible to a wide range of information workers.

On April 4 Alteryx, based in Irvine, Calif., acquired ClearStory Data, a developer of "continuous intelligence" analytics software for complex and unstructured data.


Top Executive: CEO David Drai

Anodot's Autonomous Analytics software uses machine learning to identify behavioral patterns within time series business data and detect outliers and anomalies, providing business insights and helping managers remedy problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Arcadia Data

Top Executive: CEO Sushil Thomas

Arcadia Data's business analytics software is native to the cloud and Apache Hadoop, making it possible to analyze data in cloud storage systems like Amazon S3 and Azure Data Lake Storage with no data movement or duplication. In November 2018 Arcadia Data received a patent for its "incremental materialized view capability on distributed systems to enable faster analytics results and immediate updates on changing big data sets."


Top Executive: CEO Stephen Baker

Attivio markets a cognitive search and insight platform that uses machine learning, natural language processing and text analytics to help employees, customers and support teams answer complex questions.


Top Executive: CEO Christian Rodatus

Datameer provides data preparation and exploration software for business analytics. The platform provides more than 70 connectors to data sources, helping companies build data pipelines and manage data flows to business analysis tools.


Top Executive: CEO Josh James

Describing itself as "the operating system" used to run a business, Domo has developed a cloud-based platform that connects people with company data and operational applications, according to their industry and role, through mobile applications with charts and graphs. In March the company debuted the Domo IoT Cloud, which provides connectors for IoT systems such as AWS IoT Analytics, Azure IoT Hub and Apache Kafka.

Domo attracted a lot of attention early on because of the nearly $690 million in venture capital it raised before going public in June 2018.


Top Executive: Roman Stanek

GoodData's platform provides businesses with a way to create, deliver and automate the management of data analytics on a large scale. Companies can embed analytics into their products, applications and devices to deliver analytical capabilities to their customers, partners and information workers for making business-critical decisions.

In November GoodData raised $24 million in equity and venture debt financing.


Top Executive: CEO Osama Elkady

Incorta develops a hyper-converged analytics software platform that speeds up business analysis and reporting by performing data modeling and extract-transform-load (ETL) tasks that often take a great deal of time with traditional data warehouse systems.

In October 2018 Incorta raised $15 million in Series B funding from Microsoft's M12 venture fund and Telstra Ventures.

Infor Birst

Top Executive: SVP and Birst General Manager Brad Peters

Birst, which Infor acquired in 2017, markets a networked business analytics platform. In January the company debuted Birst Smart Analytics, a new line of business intelligence solutions, that move BI beyond descriptive (what is happening) to diagnostic (why it is happening) and predictive (what will happen) capabilities. Birst Smart Analytics uses Infor's Coleman artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Information Builders

Top Executive: CEO Frank Vella

Information Builders, with its flagship WebFocus business intelligence and analytics software, is a long-time player in the business analytics space. Other products include the Omni-Gen data management platform (data integration, data quality and master data management) and industry-specific solutions.

In January Vella took over as the company's new CEO while founder and long-time CEO Gerald Cohen became chairman and senior advisor to Vella. Also in January the company launched a new channel program and promised a more "partner-centric" approach.

Kyvos Insights

Top Executive: CEO Praveen Kankariya

Kyvos Insights' big data system provides OLAP (online analytical processing) multidimensional analysis capabilities. The system was originally developed to run on Hadoop and later to support the AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud systems.

Logi Analytics

Top Executive: CEO Steven Schneider

Logi Analytics focuses on embedded analytics and business intelligence, providing analytics development tools that ISVs and customers use to build dashboards, reports and self-service analytics into their applications.

In February Logi Analytics acquired Jinfonet, another developer of embedded analytics software, to strengthen its market position.


Top Executive: CEO Frank Bien

Looker (officially Looker Data Sciences) offers a big data analytics platform that can run purpose-built applications for digital marketing and web analytics. In April the company extended the platform's development capabilities and debuted a new sales analysis application to its lineup.

In December 2018 Looker raised a stunning $103 million in Series E financing.


Top Executive: President and CEO Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy provides enterprise analytics and mobility software. The company's flagship business analytics platform includes a range of data analytics, reporting and visualization applications and data connectivity and preparation tools.

In February the company launched MicroStrategy 2019, an update to the company’s platform with new federated analytics and hyperintelligence capabilities and transformational mobility applications.


Top Executive: CEO Todd Mostak

OmniSci has developed a GPU-accelerated, SQL-based analytics platform that offers increased speed and scale for big data querying and visualization tasks. The company also markets a portfolio of query and analysis applications that run on the platform for specific industries (such as automotive and telecommunications), use cases (housing and urban development analysis) and role (big data analysts and data scientists).

In April the company began offering its software through the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Top Executive: CEO Sean Byrnes develops artificial intelligence-based analysis software that collects data from business applications like Adobe, Zendesk and MailChimp and analytical systems such as Amazon Redshift and Google Analytics, and sifts through it to identify insights from unexpected changes and data outliers. The system also monitors business data and provides notification when unexpected changes occur.

Periscope Data

Top Executive: CEO Harry Glaser

Periscope Data markets a flexible analytics platform for data professionals and business users that ingests, stores, analyzes, visualizes and reports data using SQL, Python and R technology.

In November the company debuted the Data Engine by Periscope Data, what the company described as the first phase of its next-generation analytics warehouse integration. Periscope says the technology will help data teams achieve faster query performance and data ingestion at scale for any kind of workload, regardless of data volume, concurrency or query complexity.


Top Executive: Founder Alex Johnson

Plotly offers Chart Studio, an online data analysis and graphing tool for creating D3.js and WebGL charts, and Dash, a Python framework for building analytical web applications.


Top Executive: CEO Mike Capone

Qlik offers a portfolio of business intelligence tools including the Qlik Analytics Platform, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Qlik Core and Qlik Data Catalyst.

In February Qlik struck a deal to acquire Attunity, a developer of data integration and data management software that when combined with Qlik's products will provide expanded enterprise data management capabilities and real-time analytics.


Top Executive: CEO Jim Goodnight

SAS, one of the long-time leaders in business analysis software, has developed a broad portfolio of business analytics software from the core SAS Platform and SAS Viya cloud-based analytics system; to data management, preparation and quality tools; to analytical software and applications for vertical industries such as banking, health care, government and insurance.

In March SAS said it plans to spend $1 billion on artificial intelligence over the next three years, including for research and development work, and for expert services and education for customers.


Top Executive: CEO Amir Orad

SiSense says it simplifies business analytics for complex data through its end-to-end business analytics platform for preparing, analyzing and visualizing big data. The platform is used by data engineers, developers and analysts to build and deploy analytic applications – including white-labeled applications – with self-service analytics and dashboards.

Sumo Logic

Top Executive: President and CEO Ramin Sayar

Sumo Logic markets its cloud-native machine data platform for a range of business, operational, compliance and security analysis tasks.

Tableau Software

Top Executive: CEO Adam Selipsky

Tableau has become one of the top business analysis and data visualization software vendors in the industry with its popular Tableau Server, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online products.

Tableau has been expanding its product portfolio into the realm of data preparation with its Tableau Prep Builder and – in February – the new Tableau Prep Conductor, the latter a tool for scheduling and managing self-service data preparation at scale.


Top Executive: CEO Sudheesh Nair

ThoughtSpot develops a search- and AI-driven analytics platform with what the company calls the world's first relational search engine. The developer also provides a number of vertical industry analytical applications that run on the platform for financial services, retail and e-commerce, media and communications, manufacturing and logistics, healthcare and life sciences, and government.

In November ThoughtSpot hired Toni Adams as the company's new vice president of global channels and alliances, charged with scaling its partner ecosystem and establishing new partnerships with channel partners, VARs and systems integrators.


Top Executive: CEO Dan Streetman

TIBCO has acquired a number of advanced analytics, data visualization and data management technologies over time, offering them as part of the company's broad portfolio of business software and connectivity middleware.

TIBCO Spotfire, for example, is the company's business analytics and data visualization offering. In March the company acquired SnappyData and its in-memory data platform that complements TIBCO's Connected Intelligence platform.


Top Executive: CEO Nick Halsey

Using the tagline "Reinventing business intelligence from the ground up," Zoomdata has developed a high-performance business intelligence engine with data visualization capabilities, interactive dashboards and data connectors that help bring business analytics to a broad audience.

In September 2018 Zoomdata, saying its sales via channel partners had grown threefold in the previous year, launched ZAP!, its Zoomdata Application Partner program for regional and global systems integrator partners.