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10 Tech Giants That Have Cut Ties With Russia After Ukraine Invasion

Shane Snider

As the world braces for economic impact from the conflict and historic sanctions against Russia, a number of technology firms show solidarity with Ukraine globally


In a March 2 blog post entitled “Standing in Solidarity,” SAP CEO Christian Klein said the German multinational software company is stopping business in Russia aligned with sanctions and, in addition, “pausing all sales of SAP services and products in Russia.” He wrote that “economic sanctions against Russia are an important mechanism in the efforts to restore peace. We are in constant exchange with governments around the world, have every confidence in their guidance, and fully support the actions taken so far.”

Klein also said the tech giant was allocating an “initial 1 million [euros] in humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine and are working with national Red Cross organizations, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and other organizations to offer our technology to support their efforts.”

According to SAP’s website, the company has four offices in Russia.

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