N-able News Roundup: MDM, Report Manager 4.0, 2013 Roadmap

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MSP 'Super Elite' Partner Group

A few years ago, N-able launched an Elite program for MSPs with at least $1 million in recurring revenue and 1,000 managed nodes. Now, more than 200 partners have reached those milestones, so the company has created a new Super Elite program, said CEO Gavin Garbutt.

To qualify for Super Elite, MSPs must generate at least $2 million in recurring revenue and manage more than 2,500 nodes, Garbutt said. About 25 to 30 partners currently qualify for Super Elite, he said.

"The guy with 10,000 nodes does not have the same problems as the guy with 1,000 nodes. We want the [Super Elite companies] to know each other and be able to call each other. A lot of the benefits are partner-led. We just facilitate the [communication]," Garbutt said.

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