6 Ways To Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

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Increasing Recurring Revenue

Gary Pica knows a thing or two about managing an MSP business. Before he was president of TruMethods, Pica grew a managed service provider business from zero recurring revenue to more than $500,000 a month before selling the company to mindShift Technologies (which was later acquired by Best Buy).

Today, TruMethods counts more than 450 members to subscribe to its coaching program to help MSPs be more successful. Pica shared some of his tips during a ComdexVirtual session for those struggling to win more recurring revenue.

"A lot of people think it's like 'Field of Dreams.' Build it and they will come. But, getting people to pay you every month is not easy," Pica said.

Here's a look at what you should be doing to increase your recurring revenue stream.

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