6 Key Things To Know About Amazon Web Services' 'Sentinel' Managed Services Offering

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3. Sentinel Apparently Will Be Sold Through (Some) AWS Partners 

AWS is said to be developing Sentinel in response to a growing call from some of its largest customers, and it plans to sell the Sentinel offering directly to these firms, according to CRN's sources. 

"If you're a multinational company and you have some workloads that fit, and you would rather have AWS managing your infrastructure than someone else, you'll be able to buy Sentinel directly from AWS," one source with knowledge of the offering told CRN.

However, Sentinel will also be sold through a small number of AWS partners worldwide, who are currently kicking the tires on a beta version of the product, said the sources. These AWS partners, sources said, will handle implementation for Sentinel, helping customers get the service up and running in their environments before handing them the keys, so to speak. 

While these partners will still make money from project engagements, it's unclear how much ongoing business, if any, they'll be able to get from Sentinel once customers are using it to manage and monitor their own workloads.

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