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Continuum CEO Michael George On The Growing Security Threat To MSPs, Platforms

O’Ryan Johnson

“If you think things are bad now, wait until the Internet of Things takes hold … The lid hasn’t even blown off this problem yet, and it’s going to. Because the Internet of Things is taking hold and creating a whole new set of vulnerability points in the spectrum of the network and network access points,” Continuum CEO Michael George tells CRN.

A Rough Road Ahead

The security environment for MSPs has not improved in the nine months since the U.S. Department of Justice publicized its warning to solution providers that even the smallest among them was a target for state-sponsored cyber criminals.

And awareness of the problem has not mitigated recent attacks against ConnectWise, Kaseya, Wipro and Webroot, which have only served to underscore how vulnerable MSPs, their clients, and their platform providers are to cybercrime.

“It’s more than just a watch word for the moment,” Michael George, CEO of Continuum told CRN. “This is a hot topic that’s getting hotter and hotter everyday. It’s a very complex issue that’s not going to go away anytime soon.”

He said platform providers sit at the center of a vast IT ecosystem that can reach millions of end-user devices, making them prime targets for attack. But if that is not enough to worry about, George, points out that as enterprises incorporate more IoT devices into their firms to find efficiencies, they are also deploying access points which bad actors can use to infiltrate systems.

In a talk with CRN this week, George gave an overview of the threat landscape and what lies ahead.

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