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Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola On Kaseya-Datto’s ‘Growth’ Focus, Plans For Datto Products And The MSP Profitability Boost From The Blockbuster Deal

C.J. Fairfield

’Our goal is to give these MSPs the best software kit possible so they can make the most money. We want to give them a platform that’s integrated so the engineers are the most efficient and we want to provide it to them at 30 percent less so that they make more money. That’s our job,’ says Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola.

Are you surprised by a lot of the negative reactions by Datto partners?

Kaseya has over 8,000 MSP partners that are also Datto partners. I’ve talked with over 400 joint customers one-on-one in the last eight or nine days. Some have been in six-on-one forum groups and we have something called our CEO Council with 25 MSPs that advise me in our business. I had them all in a room and we talked about it and went through it. I talked to about 80 one-on-one at Robin Robins (IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp) event, in addition to the 1,000 or so that were there. Most people said this is great because they know what Kaseya has done. The people who take the time out of their day to go post something on Reddit... people don’t usually post positive things on forums like that. Some people may decide not to use Kaseya or Datto or any vendor for that matter.

MSPs are small businesses. Small businesses…that’s our country. Forget about making money and all that stuff, small businesses are everything. Small business owners are emotional because it’s their business. Kaseya has 17,000 MSP customers. We’re the fastest growing MSP software company at scale in the world, and that sucks that people are uncomfortable with it. And I think that a lot of people may have had a bad experience with Kaseya, maybe they didn’t or maybe they’re being told by their vendors. There’s a lot of reasons for people to be uncertain. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised. It’s normal, it’s what we kind of thought. When we bought IT Glue, it was the same thing. When we bought ID Agent, it was the same thing.

So you spoke with about 400 partners that were both Kaseya and Datto partners, but have you spoken to or reached out to any Datto partners about this? Do you plan to? 

No. We wouldn’t do that until the deal closes. Legally we have to say that when we spoke to our Kaseya customers, they’re not joint customers. They’re Kaseya’s customers, they just happen to also be using Datto’s products. We didn’t target them. I talk to customers all the time. I just so happened to have talked to a lot of Kaseya customers that are using Datto’s products. We didn’t talk about our future plans with Datto. They were very excited and said, ’Hey, that sounds great.’ It would be illegal if we reached out to those customers. Tim Weller (Datto CEO) is reaching out to his own customers and telling them why it’s a good thing.

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CJ Fairfield

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