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Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola On Kaseya-Datto’s ‘Growth’ Focus, Plans For Datto Products And The MSP Profitability Boost From The Blockbuster Deal

C.J. Fairfield

’Our goal is to give these MSPs the best software kit possible so they can make the most money. We want to give them a platform that’s integrated so the engineers are the most efficient and we want to provide it to them at 30 percent less so that they make more money. That’s our job,’ says Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola.

What is your message to partners in regards to the product integration?

On the product side, we are supporting every single product. Will we have two PSAs? Yes we will. Most MSPs have never run a software company. Why would they? I’ve never run an MSP. The financial cost to maintain multiple products in a similar category…it’s not a lot. If it costs an extra 20 or $30 million a year, that number sounds enormous, but it’s nothing for a $1.5 billion company. It’s a lot cheaper than [ticking] off a few thousand customers. We are integrating every technology into the IT Complete platform. Our customers love choice, so if you want to use this product or that product, okay that’s great. It’ll all be integrated into IT Complete, 100 percent.

IT Complete we’ll have about 30 different modules. It doesn’t make financial sense for us to risk customer relationships [by not] investing in products. It doesn’t. It’s financially in our best interest to support all the products moving forward.

Have you met with Rob Rae (pictured) (SVP of Business Development at Datto) and the channel team? What was your message to them?

I’ve known Rob for years but I can’t go and talk to Datto people and say, ‘Hey, this is what’s going to happen with the deal.’ That’s illegal. This is going to sound mean but I didn’t talk to Rob at the Robin Robins event other than shaking his hand. I can’t [talk to him] yet, for legal reasons.

That being said, I think Rob Rae is one of the most instrumental people at building Datto to the great company that it is. I get asked if Datto people are going to be at Kaseya and who’s going to be where, but I can’t answer that legally. I can say in our history of acquisitions, every acquisition we’ve done, not only did we keep the brand, not only have we made the products more affordable, but we listed the names of the executives. The management teams stay in their executive positions at Kaseya.

So Rob Rae, Ryan Weeks (CISO at Datto) and Tim Weller are all staying on?

I can’t answer it. You can ask them. I can’t answer it.

Would you be offering them retention bonuses?

I can’t answer that either, but every acquisition that we’ve done the executive team remains.

When it comes to retention bonuses I will say that Kaseya is incredibly generous with our employees. Now, I would never want someone to stay just because of a retention bonus. They’ve got to believe, they’ve got to want it, they’ve got to want to continue their mission. Doing a job just for the money, that doesn’t last. That doesn’t lead to good service. We wouldn’t want people like that. The mission that Datto has of serving MSPs is one of the reasons we bought it.

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