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Kaseya Closes The Datto Acquisition: 6 Things To Know

Joseph F. Kovar, C.J. Fairfield

Here are six key things to know about Kaseya’s $6.2 billion acquisition of Datto, including the news that Datto CEO Tim Weller will not be a part of the new company.

Keeping The Datto Executive Team

Kaseya is focused on making as many of Datto’s executives a part of the Kaseya team as possible, Voccola said. That includes two Datto executives that MSPs previously told CRN are key to ensuring the successful integration of the two companies.

The first is Rob Rae (pictured), Datto’s senior vice president of business development and one of the most recognizable faces at MSP conferences across the country. Voccola said Rae will continue in his current role.

“Rob Rae is sticking around,” he said. “Rob‘s awesome. We love Rob. I’ve tried to hire Rob for the last six years. So we got Rob finally. It took us buying Datto to get Rob Rae to be an employee.”

The second is Ryan Weeks, Datto’s chief information security officer, who will continue in that role in Kaseya, Voccola said.

“He‘s not going anywhere,” he said. “So we’re excited to have Ryan staying on board. You know, Datto‘s commitment to security is second to none. And we’re looking forward to continuing Ryan in his position as the CISO of Datto.”

Voccola also said Kaseya is offering retention bonuses to ensure other key Datto executives stay with Kaseya, although he declined to specify amounts. Prior to the close of the acquisition, Datto had already put tremendous financial resources at its discretion to retain people, he said.

Kaseya offers a very aggressive compensation structure with a mix of cash, stock, retention bonuses and other forms of compensation, Voccola said.

“Every tool that‘s available is in place to make sure our second-most important asset we have, our people, are there to take care of the most important asset we have, which is our customers,” he said. “So retaining key employees is a huge, huge aspect of this transaction, particularly people who interact with customers and deliver the world-class customer service that Datto has been known for.”

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