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Kaseya Closes The Datto Acquisition: 6 Things To Know

Joseph F. Kovar, C.J. Fairfield

Here are six key things to know about Kaseya’s $6.2 billion acquisition of Datto, including the news that Datto CEO Tim Weller will not be a part of the new company.

Lower Prices, Flexible Customer Contracts Slated

Voccola said Kaseya is planning to reduce pricing for all Datto products an average of 10 percent.

“Some [reductions] will be more,” he said. “Some probably won‘t move because some of their products are so low-priced. But we are making every product more affordable as we promised. And our job is to help MSPs make more money. And by lowering the price of our kit, we can do that.”

Voccola also said that, contrary to popular misconceptions, Kaseya and Datto have very similar pricing strategies. Both offer one-year and three-year options in their customer contracts, he said.

“Just like Datto, Kaseya provides much more affordable pricing if a customer commits to three years and locks their same low pricing. ... There are no intentions of changing that,” he said. “One hundred percent. The strategy will continue. If customers make a long-term commitment, they will receive huge pricing advantages to do that. And in this time of high inflation, where the average software vendor raises prices over 20 percent per year, customers locking in a low price for three years is probably the best thing they can do. We will continue just as we‘ve done before with one-year and three-year pricing across the entire company.”

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