10 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Techies In 2020

We've rounded up some of the top gifts for gadget lovers, including connected devices, smartwatches and high-tech kitchen gear.

Gifts With Heart

While getting your sweetheart a Peloton for Valentine's Day is not advisable, there are plenty of other connected gadgets you should check out this holiday. Fitness-focused devices are not entirely off the table, for starters; the latest Apple Watch is one example of a gift that should please the techie in your life on Valentine's Day 2020, which is taking place Feb. 14. Smart speakers, connected kitchen devices and noise-canceling headphones are among the other last-minute Valentine's Day gifts worth considering. To help with your shopping, we've rounded up some of the latest tech gift options that have caught our eye. What follows is our look at 10 last-minute Valentine's Day gifts for techies in 2020.

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700

There might not be a more caring tech gift than a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. And while Bose's Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 are not cheap, they sound amazing and pretty much make the outside world disappear (as we can attest to after buying our own pair). Along with wireless connectivity, the Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 offer improved noise cancellation with a six-microphone array that can block even the most disruptive sounds. Meanwhile, two microphones are included for improved voice pickup. The headphones also

have a touch-sensitive pad on the right earcup to enable touch commands for volume control, changing the song or starting/stopping a track.

Additionally, the Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 offer varying levels of noise cancellation that can be adjusted with a button on the headphones. That means users can decide whether to totally--or only partially--block out the sounds around them. And, the headphones offer voice control with Siri, the Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa assistant, while featuring an impressive 20 hours of battery life.

The Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 are currently priced at $399 on Amazon.

Sonos One (Gen 2)

While smart speakers have become commonplace, most of them come with two drawbacks: mediocre sound quality and restriction to a single voice assistant. The Sonos One has neither of those issues, making it one of the best smart speaker options out there (and a gift that the techie in your life should be thrilled to receive on Valentine's Day). The Sonos One offers terrific sound and volume even in its relatively compact form factor, thanks to its two Class-D digital amplifiers along with a tweeter a mid-woofer. And in terms of connecting to a voice-controlled smart assistant, the Sonos One has both of the leading assistants built in--Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant. (Note: The updated Gen 2 model includes the same design as the original model but with faster processing power.) The Sonos One is also available in two color choices--white or black--and users can also pair two of the speakers together in a room for stereo sound.

The Sonos One, Gen 2, is currently priced at $199 on Amazon.

Mighty Purse

This leather wristlet has an extra feature that your Valentine should appreciate: the ability to charge her smartphone on the go. The purse features a 4,000mAh battery that can charge both iPhones and Android smartphones. (Android phones must be able to connect over USB-C, and the purse comes with a Lightning adapter to charge iPhones.) Meanwhile, the Mighty Purse is made from 100 percent genuine leather and features an internal zipper pocket and credit card compartment.

The Mighty Purse is currently priced at $90 on Amazon.

Coravin Model Two Elite Pro Wine System

A bottle of nice wine pairs well with Valentine's Day--but even better is a gift your techie Valentine will get long use out of: a more-enjoyable relationship with wine. For one thing, they'll never again have to mess around with a wine opener, as Coravin's Model Two Elite Pro Wine System uses a thin needle to puncture the cork and pour the wine. The process also adds an inert gas for preservation of the wine and allows the cork to re-seal--protecting the remaining wine from oxidation so that it can be enjoyed any time in the future. Ultimately, the Coravin system means you and your Valentine can enjoy wine from multiple different bottles at a time. The Coravin Model Two Elite Pro is currently priced at $332.82 on Amazon.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

When it comes to tech-enabled gifts that will be a hit on Valentine's Day, the Instant Pot Smart WiFi is a sure bet. Not only does the Instant Pot dramatically simplify the cooking of a variety of foods, but the Smart Wifi version provides a number of helpful capabilities including controlling the cooker from a mobile device. The Instant Pot Smart WiFi comes in a six-quart size and features a total of eight modes: Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice/Porridge Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, Sauté/Searing, Steamer and Warmer. Using a mobile device, users can cook, schedule and adjust their dishes--and even monitor the progress of meals from their device. Meanwhile, the associated app provdies uers with hundreds of pre-programmed recipes--and to top it all off, the Instant Pot Smart WiFi can also be controlled by voice through enabling Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Instant Pot Smart WiFi is currently priced at $149.91 on Amazon.

Google Nest Hub Max

Another must-have for the modern tech-enabled kitchen is a smart display device, such as the Google Nest Hub Max. It certainly doesn't have to go in the kitchen--but being able to stream video (such as a cooking how-to on YouTube or the day's news) while working in the kitchen is a great option. And with voice control via the Google Assistant, you don't even need to dry off your hands to control the device. The Google Nest Hub Max features a 10-inch HD screen along with stereo speakers and a three-inch woofer, and the device can display photos from your Google Photos library when not in use.

The Google Nest Hub Max is priced at $229.

Apple Watch Series 5

If your Valentine is a fitness enthusiast (or aspires to be!), the latest Apple Watch could be a much-appreciated gift. The fifth-generation Apple Watch is packed with fitness and health monitoring features including training and tracking for activities such as running, cycling, swimming, yoga and high-intensity interval training. Advanced capabilities for runners include cadence and pace alerts, while other fitness features range from personalized coaching to activity sharing. The Apple Watch Series 5 also offers a boost to workouts by being able to play Apple Music even without having an iPhone nearby. Plus, the latest Apple Watch introduces an always-on display, so that users no longer have to raise their wrist or touch the display to activate it.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has a starting price of $399 (GPS only) or $499 (cellular/GPS).

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a can't-go-wrong gift for your gamer Valentine (provided they don't already have one—probably best to double check). The Switch console can be used both at home (docked and connected to a TV) and on-the-go in handheld mode. Apart from the much-loved "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," other top games available for the Switch include "Super Mario Odyssey," "Pokemon Sword" and "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe." The Switch also got an internal update last year which improves battery life with up to two additional hours of usage.

The Nintendo Switch is currently priced at $299.99 on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle

This might be the year to nudge your bookworm Valentine into going digital with an e-reader (the stacks of books everywhere are getting to be a bit much). Amazon recently refreshed the standard Kindle with the biggest feature addition being a front light, which lets users adjust the display brightness for more-comfortable reading. That includes during nighttime reads indoors or outdoors in the bright sun. The standard Kindle features a 6-inch 167 ppi display for reading e-books, along with the ability to play Audible audiobooks—and, notably, the Kindle lets users easily switch between reading and listening to the same book.

The Amazon Kindle is currently priced at $64.99 (with "special offers" advertising) or $84.99 without ads.

Apple iPad Mini

Maybe it's time to refresh the old iPad Mini that your Valentine has been toting around for years. Or, maybe they've been talking about finally getting their first iPad. Either way, this could be the Valentine's Day when an iPad Mini--the most compact-sized version of the iPad--makes a very welcome gift. With the fifth-generation update to the iPad Mini, key enhancements include the addition of support for the Apple Pencil stylus (sold separately for $99) and improved performance. The 7.9-inch display also offers the "highest pixel density of any iPad," Apple said, it's 25 percent brighter than in the past. The latest iPad Mini measures just a quarter of an inch thick and weighs just two-thirds of a pound—making it easily the most portable iPad available.

The Apple iPad Mini is available for a starting price of $399.