20 Hot Consumer Electronics Products At CES Unveiled 2022

Samsung, Oledcomm and Pickwheel are among the companies to showcase products at CES Unveiled 2022.

A foldable smartphone, a tablet with light-powered wireless technology, a foot-controlled electric carrier and multiple empty booths greeted press and industry analysts attending CES 2022’s Unveiled event.

The official media event of CES held before the annual consumer electronics trade show opens had products available from Samsung, Oledcomm and Pickwheel, among other companies.

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Because of the spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19, the conference held physical and online-only events. Several major companies also dropped out of physically attending CES 2022 in Las Vegas, including Amazon, T-Mobile and Microsoft.

The attitude among executives CRN spoke with at the show – especially ones from overseas – was that they had already invested too much in travelling to CES and paying for floor space to drop out.

Benjamin Azoulay, CEO of France-based Oledcomm, the maker of the tablet powered by light, told CRN in an interview that he’s come to CES since 2008.

Even though the conference focuses on consumer goods, he landed a major client by coming to CES 2019 and didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities at the less-crowded CES 2022. “All it takes is one good meeting to make the trip worth it,” Azoulay said.

CES 2022 runs from Wednesday to Friday. Here’s a look at the most cutting-edge products on display at Unveiled.

SureCall Fusion4Home

SureCall offers 5G cell signal booster for homes, offices, vehicles and other environments. Company representatives brought the Fusion4Home kit to CES 2022. The kit covers homes and offices up to 4,000 square feet and promises better voice, text, 4G LTE and 5G data.

The Fremont, Calif.-based company works with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular, according to the company. Verizon even uses SureCall Horizon for its 5G mmWave Network build out.

The company was founded in 2001, according to Crunchbase.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone was on display during Unveiled. The phone is an Innovation Awards Best of Innovation honoree this year.

This offering from the South Korea-based manufacturer comes in a 4.2-inch folded compact design with a 1.9-inch cover screen.

The phone has a dual rear camera and shows users previews of photos on the cover screen. It has a 5nm processor and 8GB of random access memory.

Jabra Elite And Enhance Earbuds

Jabra, a brand of earbuds from Danish manufacturer GN Group, brought new offerings to CES 2022.

The charcoal-colored Elite 4 Active earbuds pictured above (top row, third from the left) is meant for use during active workouts, according to the company. They feature Spotify Tap playback and are Amazon Alexa certified. The active noise cancellation feature blocks out background noise.

The black Enhance Plus line of wireless hearing enhancement earbuds pictured above to the right are aimed at users with mild to moderate hearing loss, according to the company. It has a warp compressor for sounds analysis, digital noise reduction for listening and speech, digital feedback suppression and binaural beamformer with directionality to focus on important sounds.

The cream-colored Elite 7 Pro earbuds pictured in the top left received a new Bluetooth multipoint feature to keep users connected to two devices at once. Users can move between personal and professional devices quickly.


Aptero CEO Cedric Chane-Ching demonstrated his company’s brand of 3D rooms created for businesses for use in virtual reality. It works on computers, mobile devices and VR headsets, requiring no installation.

The France-based company creates virtual rooms for businesses, including in-room screens that can show user-broadcasted live video. The company provides an on-premises installation and can integrate into Microsoft Teams servers or websites, according to Aptero.

Aptero was founded in 2020, according to Crunchbase.

Nanotech Energy Batteries

Nanotech Energy representatives offered a look at the company’s non-flammable, advanced lithium-ion batteries powered by the company’s graphene-based electrodes and proprietary Organolyte non-flammable electrolyte.

The company bills its batteries as safer and more powerful than traditional lithium-ion battery packs, with an ability to fit any form factor or container, according to Nanotech. The batteries can power electric vehicles, consumer electronics, military equipment and other electrified equipment.

The Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2014 and raised a $64 million Series D round of funding in August, according to Nanotech.

Graid Technology SupremeRAID

Graid Technology produces a non-volatile memory express (NVMe) redundant array of independent disks (RAID) that aims to improve enterprise solid-state drive performance.

The SupremeRAID aims to protect enterprise data without interfering with performance, according to the company. It protects direct-attached flash storage and storage connected by NVME over Fabrics.

Graid’s partners include Gigabyte, Kioxia, AMD and Seagate, according to the company.

The Ontario, Calif.-based company was founded in 2020, according to Crunchbase.

Somalytics SomaControl And SomaSense

Somalytics, a company spun out of the University of Washington in November, brought its products powered by miniature carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors, said to be 100 times smaller and 10 times faster than existing capacitive sensors.

The SomaSense 3D floor mat observes, monitors and reports presence, gait, foot pressure and other wellness factors, according to the company.

Its SomaControl device – the white circle pictured below the laptop – is a 3D gesture monitor that allows users to control a digital device through hand movements without contact. The SomaControl is meant for gamers and home environments, according to Somalytics.

The company also wants to apply its devices to industrial safety, transportation, wearable technologies and other use cases. Mass production of the capacitive sensors should start this year, according to Somalytics.

Oledcomm LiFiMax Tab

Oledcomm revealed its light fidelity Android tablet, the LiFiMax Tab, at CES Unveiled this week before the tablet starts to sell in February.

Light fidelity (LiFi) is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes to transmit data. Several light bulbs form a wireless network, with LED bulbs acting as semiconductors. According to Oledcomm, LiFi is secure because users need the light to access data, keeping it localized to a room.

LiFi doesn’t produce electromagnetic radiation and has a greater data rate per unit area than radio frequencies, according to the company.

The LiFiMax has a 10.1-inch screen of 1,920 by 1,200 pixels; an 8-core, MediaTek system on a chip with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage; two sensors and Wi-Fi 5. It can reach up to 15Mbs downlink and uplink rates.

The French ompany was founded in 2012 and employs about 20 people, according to Oledcomm.

NexiGo Air T2

CES 2022 gave NexiGo Air T2 wireless earbuds an innovation award in the headphone and audio category.

These earbuds from the Portland, Ore.-based maker of webcams and video game console accessories promise stable connections up to 15 feet, quick switching between devices and up to 16 hours of power on a single charge.

The earbuds themselves have a battery life of up to five hours on a single charge, according to NexiGo.

Grapheal TestNPass

One of CES 2022’s innovation award winners is the TestNPass rapid COVID-19 test from French startup Grapheal.

The test strip promises to detect biomarkers and deliver time-stamped, encrypted radio-frequency identification tags. Test results are immediately available on digital devices through an application, according to Grapheal. The technology relies on graphene, billed as the world’s thinnest material with a single layer of carbon atoms.

Last year, the France-based company raised 1.9 million euros (about $2 million) in seed financing, according to a company statement from the time. The company was founded in 2019, according to Grapheal.

Along with TestNPass, Grapheal develops wearable and disposable biosensors aimed at remote health monitoring and on-site diagnosis.


Another French startup to present at CES Unveiled 2022 is Orioma.

Orioma debuted its self-powered occupancy sensor with the SEEL low-powered infrared camera. The camera consumes up to seven times less energy than competitors, according to the company.

The company’s sensors are meant for internet of things, smart buildings, extreme conditions measuring and surveillance, according to Orioma.

The company is developing 180-degree low energy consumption cameras as well, according to Orioma. The company has six full-time employees and five part-time.

Targus Cypress Backpack

Mobile computing accessories manufacturer Targus introduced its Cypress Hero Backpack with Apple Find My technology.

The Anaheim, Calif.-based company’s backpack is built from recycled plastic water bottles and has a built-in location tracker to help owners find the backpack on the Find My application.

Users can press a button in the backpack to ping missing iPhones and receive an alert on its location. The backpack has a replaceable battery rechargeable through USB, according to Targus.

The company, founded in 1983, also showed its Dock720 USB-C 4K Quad Dock, a biometric device and docking station delivering support for single 8K resolution or 4K displays.

Shiftall HaritoraX

Representatives of Shiftall, a subsidiary of Panasonic, demonstrated the company’s HaritoraX motion-tracking device for waist and leg movements.

During the demonstration, a company representative donned a virtual reality headset from Oculus – which shares the same parent company as Facebook, recently renamed Meta – and a virtual avatar on his Alienware laptop stood up and sat down at the same time as the demonstrator.

HaritoraX is scheduled to ship in the U.S. in spring. Thousands of units have shipped in Japan already, according to the company. The device works for SteamVR and tracks hip and leg movements for metaverse users. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery for more than 10 hours of power on a single charge.

The device works with Oculus Quest 2 and other headsets, according to the Tokyo-based Shiftall. The company has 25 employees.

Naio Technologies Oz

Oz, an autonomous robot meant to help farmers with hoeing, weeding, seeding, furrow-making and other time-consuming tasks, brought attention to the Naio Technologies booth at CES 2022 Unveiled.

France-based Naio powers Oz with a real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS guidance system. The robot is sold in 48 countries, according to Naio. The robot weighs about 330 pounds and is about 3 feet tall and 4 feet long. It can travel about 1.6 feet per second.

Naio’s other robots include the large-scale vegetable weeding Dino and the vineyard weeding Ted.

The company was founded in 2011, according to Crunchbase.


French company Pickwheel’s feet-controlled electric carrier was seen zipping along the Unveiled floor this week.

Users can cover large spaces while keeping their hands free, according to the company. It‘s aimed at maintenance and cleaning service workers, event hosts, security guards and other jobs.

The Pickwheel carrier weighs about 60 pounds and can tow about 220 pounds. It has a clip-on lithium ion battery, according to the company.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh O2

South Korean company Bodyfriend invited Unveiled attendees to try its Pharaoh O2 massage chair this week.

The chair’s massage rollers move up, down, front and back. The chair leg can adjust up to 8 inches and has dedicated calf and foot sole rollers, according to Bodyfriend.

The chair won a CES 2022 innovation award.

The company was founded in 2007, according to Crunchbase.

Delfast Top 3.0

The Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike was among the multiple vehicles on display at CES Unveiled 2022.

The bike from Whittier, Calif.-based Delfast reaches 50 mph, weighs 154 pounds and can carry 298 pounds, according to the company.

Its pedal-assist system can handle hilly and mountainous terrain, and the bike is meant for both urban and rural environments, according to the company.

Orbisk Orbi

Dutch startup Orbisk brought its artificial intelligence-powered, automated food waste monitor Orbi to CES 2022.

The system is aimed at hotels and restaurants, promising to reduce food waste by up to 70 percent, according to Orbisk.

Users hold food in front of the LED light on the Orbi monitor. Orbi takes a picture of the waste and sends the data to a personalized dashboard for users to quantify what food is wasted, how much and when in the day. Users then toss the food into the waste bin on the Orbi.

The company has raised about 3.9 million euros (about $4.4 million) in seed funding and grants, according to Crunchbase. It was founded in 2019.

Magna Icon Digital Radar

Magna International’s Icon Digital Radar is among the “best of innovation” winners at CES 2022. The software-defined digital imaging radar scans environments around vehicles in four dimensions.

The radar has 16 times better resolution and 30 times better contrast than analog, according to Canada-based Magna, which produces mobility technology for automakers. It can see a stalled car in a dark tunnel and detect children running into traffic from behind a truck.

The Icon Digital Radar is expected to debut on the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV this year, according to Magna.

RT Stream F Series Cameras

Taiwanese wearable audio-visual equipment maker RT Stream International brought its F series of body-worn cameras meant for law enforcement, firefighters and other high-risk workers.

The devices have full-color night vision and are used in emergency responses and risk management to reduce physical contact, according to the company. The F01 4G body camera has Wi-Fi, 64MB eMMC memory and works with the iCommander cloud platform for application functions.

iCommander users can manage real-time video, sound, positioning, tasks and other tasks from the platform. The devices have built-in Ambarella S5 video compression and a Sony imx385 micro-starlight sensor, according to RT Stream.

The company was founded in 2015, according to Crunchbase.