10 Father's Day Gadgets That Will Make Dad's Life Better

Bye-Bye Shirt And Tie

Tired of the old shirt-and-tie routine? When it comes to Father's Day gifts, we know dad is. So here's a look at 10 gizmos and gadgets guaranteed to improve dad's life, or at least provide a little fun while trying.

Garmin Nuvi 1390T

If your dad is the kind of guy who hates stopping to ask for directions, the Garmin Nuvi 1390T portable GPS navigator could help. The Nuvi 1390T features a colorful 4.3-inch widescreen display and sleek, half-inch-thick design. It also comes with Bluetooth support, which broadcasts navigation directions and phone calls through the car stereo, and a NAVTEQ Traffic Receiver, which provides traffic updates.

The Garmin Nuvi 1390T lists for $250 but can be found for around $180 through Web retailers. That's a small price to pay for a device that could literally prevent dad from driving around in circles while mom shrieks at him about being so damn stubborn all the time.

Logitech Squeezebox Radio

The term 'squeezebox' is typically used to describe accordion-like instruments, or a pop song from the 1970s by The Who. But the Logitech Squeezebox Radio is perfect for dads who don't have a PC but still want to experience the auditory delights of Internet radio. This $200 device features a bright color screen and can even allow dad to share music recommendations with his friends on Facebook.

Even if dad's not a Luddite and does have a PC and a massive digital music collection, the Logitech Squeezebox Radio can stream that music over a home Wi-Fi network. And if dad's an insomniac, or if he's just had a rough day at the office and needs to soothe his frayed nerves, the Logitech Squeezebox Radio also comes with a variety of calming nature sounds.

Pocket Radar

Used to be that radar guns were large, bulky things that required two hands to carry. But like many technologies, radar guns have now shrunk to the point where you can carry them around in your pocket. A Santa Rosa, Calif.-based company called Pocket Radar is now selling a $200 personal radar detector -- also called Pocket Radar -- that weighs just 4.5 ounces and can track everything from a baseball pitch to a speeding race car from up to a half-mile away.

Just imagine dad's face when he opens this gift and takes it down to the ball park to verify that the stadium radar gun is accurate. Or when he gets a speed reading on that idiot with the Corvette who's been barreling around the neighborhood at all hours.

If dad's a detail-oriented guy, he's just going to love Pocket Radar.

Oregon Scientific Blue Line Metal Weather Station

Dads that love to know what's going on with the weather can do so from the comfort of their own homes with Oregon Scientific's Blue Line Metal Weather Station. This stylishly designed device looks great on any desk or table and digitally displays temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data relayed from wireless outdoor sensors.

With a quick glance, dad can know if the weather will cooperate for a golfing or fishing excursion, or if he should just head over to the local bar instead for a few frosty ones with the guys. Oregon Scientific's list price for the Blue Line Metal Weather Station is $129.99, but the company is currently selling it through its online store for $92.95.

Laser Alignment Putting Trainer

If your dad's short game needs work, Hammacher Schlemmer's Laser Alignment Putting Trainer might just help lower his blood pressure and sink some shots. This $60 device consists of a laser beam and an L-shaped mirror that attach to any putter help golfers find the optimal alignment for putting. It's high-tech stuff, and according to Hammacher Schlemmer, the Laser Alignment Putting Trainer is currently being used by unspecified professional tour players and is endorsed by pro golfer and analyst Jerry Foltz.

Dr. Evil had sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads, but with the Laser Alignment Putting Trainer, your dad can channel his efforts toward the forces of good -- good putting, that is.

Biosonix RF-300 Fish Activator

If dad's a fisherman, he's going to go crazy over the RF-300 from Biosonix, a company that brings some serious science to the sport. You know this company isn't messing around from the tagline on its Website, which reads: "The Only Electronics That Turn Fish On". No, we are not making this up.

Biosonix has developed proprietary technology that uses an underwater speaker to simulate the sound of distressed baitfish being attacked and eaten by predators. In so doing, Biosonix says it has found a way to create the optimal fishing experience in a variety of different locations. At $579, the Biosonix RF-300 is a bit on the expensive side, but you can be sure this is a product that will make dad the envy of all his fishing-crazed friends.

Apple iPad

OK, so this isn't the most original idea, nor is it even within the range of many sons' and daughters' budgets. But the thought of dad rocking an iPad is compelling, no? Hook your dad up with an iPad and he can read the daily newspaper and still maintain eye contact at the breakfast table. And the large, touch screen icons on the iPad are great for elderly dads that might not want to even deal with using a PC.

The iPad has a lot of interesting use cases for people of all ages, but for members of the older generation, the power it puts into a person's hands can be exhilarating. Of course, you have to be ready to shell out at least $500 for the cheapest model, but remember, dad spent a heck of a lot more than that on you when you were a kid.

Digitone Call Blocker 10

Members of the older generation seem to loathe telemarketing calls even more than younger folks, particularly when these calls come at dinner time. One way to prevent sneaky hucksters from interrupting your dad's peace of mind is to buy him the Digitone Call Blocker 10, which allows users to whitelist trusted numbers and block up to 80 phone numbers.

The Digitone Call Blocker 10 immediately and automatically hangs up on blocked callers, which is even better than just not answering because it gives the telemarketer false hope. What could be better than that? The Digitone Call Blocker 10 sells for $100, which isn't much when you consider the sanity it can bring your beloved pops.

Zomm Bluetooth Wireless Leash

Is your dad a forgetful type who's always misplacing his cell phone? If so, the Zomm Bluetooth Wireless Leash for mobile phones might help avoid unnecessary panic episodes.

The $80 ZOMM device comes in black or white and is designed to sound an alarm whenever you're more than 30 feet away from your device. Sure, it's a draconian solution to a common problem, but ZOMM also acts as a Bluetooth speakerphone and lets users answer calls when they're not carrying their cell phone.

Flip MinoHD

The virtues of the highly portable Flip Mino cameras are now well known. But the newest Flip MinoHDs are even slimmer than their older brethren, sliding very easily into a shirt pocket and giving dad more possible scenarios for capturing important moments in life, like a grandchild's first steps. Best part is, the Flip Mino is extremely simple to use.

Priced at around $200, the Flip MinoHD isn't cheap, but it's the type of gift that will let dad think he's on the cutting edge of what technology has to offer these days. And sometimes, this kind of carefully engineered deception can make a wonderful gift item.