The Numbers Game: Tech Titans Trumpet (And Trump Up) Massive Sales Figures

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Fuzzy Math?

Every time Apple launches a new iPhone, record-setting sales numbers soon follow. Five hundred thousand, 1 million, 2 million, and so on. And every year we're floored by how many iPhones the Cupertino clan can sell in one weekend. And, of course, Apple is more than willing to tell us how many have flown off of the shelf.

Apple's not the only one to trumpet impressively huge sales figures around product launches. Big numbers mean big business and the likes of Google, Symbian, Microsoft and others love telling the world just how much of something they sell in a certain period of time or how many people download their latest and greatest software.

Here we take a look at some recent chest-thumping numbers and what they mean. And what they could mean over time.


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