15 Mind-Blowing HDTVs From The CES 2012 Show Floor

Televisions That Make You Want To Stay Indoors

Every year in the Las Vegas Convention Center's Central Hall, makers of flat-panel televisions display their latest advancements in display technology. It's always a riveting, entertaining experience to walk through pavilions crammed with technologies that represent the future of the living room experience.

This year was no different. Samsung, LG, Sharp, Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic all had massive presences at the show, but up-and-comers such as Haier and Hisense also attracted more attention than they have in previous years. Walking through television vendors' display areas on the CES 2012 floor is an experience that's tough to describe. We've collected 15 of the most impressive so you won't have to imagine what it was like.

Samsung's 55-Inch Super OLED TV

One of the highlights of CES was Samsung's Super OLED 55-inch television. First unveiled at Samsung's press conference, it features a dual-core processor and is 3D-enabled. It eliminates the need to support color filters, and each OLED pixel has its own RGB subpixel and emits its own light. It's also very thin and has a tiny bezel.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but unless you're wealthy enough to buy Lexuses as holiday gifts, it's probably a moot point.

Samsung's Series 7 Plasma

Samsung launched its Series 7 plasma television at CES but didn't provide any insight into pricing or availability. It comes with a dual-core processor, sleek black bezel, and Real Black Profile, a technology that improves picture quality by blocking ambient light. Suffice it to say that this 64-inch model was give more than its fair share of attention on the show floor.

55 Inches Of Samsung OLED Magnificence

Samsung always makes a huge impact at CES. This year the company's show floor area could best be described as a madhouse but in a good way, as hundreds of attendees jostled for a glimpse of the latest and greatest. This 55-inch LED TV Series 6 was a prime example: With a thin bezel and a stunning metallic, ultraslim design, this 3-D-equipped model caused quite a stir.

Bringing 3-D To The Masses

One of the busiest places on the show floor at CES was Panasonic's 3-D theater, where attendees donned 3-D glasses and proceeded to have their worlds rocked in ways they surely couldn't have imagined. There are 40 3-D high-definitions in this photo, and there were probably 20 more that didn't fit within the viewfinder.

Panasonic's New Smart Viera Plasmas

Panasonic's 2012 line of Smart Viera plasma televisions consists of 17 models in six product families, including the U50, XT50, UT50, ST50, GT5 and VT50. These were already solid products, so Panasonic is focusing on fine-tuning their performance with better sound and more fluid depiction of motion. Panasonic also has added Web connectivity, and it's looking for developers to create apps for its new app store.

Sharp's 80-Inch LED Smart TV

Sharp's stunningly large 80-inch 1,080p LED smart TV is Wi-Fi-equipped and features a new technology -- 3D X-Gen -- that brings the screen to life for viewers with 3-D goggles. It features a 240Hz refresh rate, four HDMI ports and SmartCentral, Sharp's interface for online video and other services.

This beauty is slated to arrive in April, but at $6,500 it's the type of purchase that will warrant a lot of forethought.

Sharp's HDTV With 8K High Definition

Sharp had one of the most stunning televisions at CES -- the world’s first 8K ultra-high-definition display, with 7,680 x 4,320 resolution, or 16 times the resolution of current HDTVs on the market. The result is a ridiculously detailed HDTV that can best be enjoyed with one's face virtually pressed against the glass, and here CES attendees are shown doing just that.

It'll likely be awhile before this television hits the market, but that's OK -- this level of high definition is going to take time for people to get used to.

TCL Raises Its Profile With Smart Cloud TVs

Hong Kong-based TCL unveiled its new line of Smart Cloud TVs at CES, which come with embedded cloud computing and storage technologies, as well as dual-core CPUs, Android and Wi-Fi support. In addition to watching their favorite programs, users can take advantage of Smart Cloud TVs' social media and gaming features and use the televisions as control hubs for home appliances. No word on pricing or availability.

TCL is moving steadily into the U.S. market and is building an R&D center in Silicon Valley. The company is also working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to recruit talent and in November partnered with Stanford Research Institute International on a smart television research project.

Toshiba's L7200 Cinema Series LED TV

Toshiba unveiled its 1,080p L7200 Cinema Series LED Smart 3-D TV at CES, and it's a real doozy. It comes in sizes ranging from 47 to 55 inches and features bezel-free design and a 240Hz response rate.

The L7200 also features four HDMI ports, two USB video ports and an HD PC input, as well as a full-size wireless keyboard. It'll be available in March, but no word yet from Toshiba on pricing.

LG's PA6500 Series Plasmas

LG made its biggest impact at CES with its monster 84-inch OLED high-definition television with 4K resolution. But LG's lesser models were no less impressive. The PA6500 Series, the 60-inch model of which is pictured here, is a plasma television with 1,080p resolution. No word yet on pricing or availability, but clearly this one's a stunner.

Sony's 46-Inch HX750 LED Internet TV

Sony's 46-inch HX750 LED Internet TV comes with X-Reality, a feature that creates crisp detail, and Motionflow, which lends itself to realistic movement while watching sports and other events. LED backlighting, 3-D, Wi-Fi and connection to Sony Entertainment are also part of the package. No word on pricing, but the HX750 is expected to arrive in the first quarter.

RCA's 55-Inch LCD TV

RCA's new 55-inch LCD high-definition TV features 1,920 X 1,080 resolution, 30,000 contrast ratio, 240MHz refresh rate, 4.5-millisecond response time and four HDMI ports. It also comes with SRS TrueSound XT and Dolby Digital for audio performance that's very likely to raise the roof.

Skyworth's Affordable 55-Inch LED TV

Hong Kong-based Skyworth didn't have a huge presence at the show, but the company managed to draw CES attendees to its booth with the E96, a 55-inch LED television that features 3-D, LED backlighting and energy-saving technology. It's not available in the U.S. yet, but in China it's priced at 8,500 yuan -- about $1,350 at the current exchange rate -- making it an economical option for those who just can't wait until the market cools down before getting their hands on an LED television.

Haier's Expanse 58-inch HDTV

Haier's Expanse 58-inch television features a 21:9 screen display with edge-lit LED backlight and ultraslim design. It's Wi-Fi-ready and comes with a USB Wi-Fi adapter for 802.11 b/g/n. Through the built-in USB ports, users also can play their own video and music files and view digital photos. No word yet on pricing or availability.

Haier's Evoke Series 65 inch HDTV

Haier's Evoke Series 65-inch television features 1,080p HD with a 120Hz full-motion refresh rate. It's also 3-D ready and comes with six pairs of 3-D glasses. A double-sided QWERTY remote control is included.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but Haier has been moving aggressively to take share from established market leaders, so it's likely that pricing will reflect this.