8 Snapshots Of HP's New Z Workstation Family Members

New HP Workstations Head To Market

Hewlett-Packard is updating its Z family of workstations with Intel's new Xeon E5-2600 processors, additional memory capacity and support for multithreaded applications.

Originally launched in 2009, HP's Z workstations are high-end machines typically used for intensive computing tasks like CAD, engineering, medical imaging, and oil and gas exploration. These are beefy, muscle-bound machines, and they'll join HP's Z1 workstation, which was unveiled last month at the Global Partner Conference.

The new workstations are expected to be available worldwide in April, but HP -- perhaps consumed with excitement over their impending arrival -- is offering the world a sneak peek of what's coming.

HP Z820: The Brawniest

HP Z820 supports dual-socket processors and up to 16 processing cores, and can be configured with up to 512 GB of ECC memory, though the vast majority of scenarios won't require this level of power. The Z820 also supports up to 14 terabytes of storage as well as dual Nvidia Quadro 6000 graphics. If you need it, the Z820 can also connect to up to 8 displays. It is priced starting at $2,299.

Easy Access

HP's Z820 offers easy access to the innards of the machine, yet also runs quietly, which is surprising given the amount of power under the cover. HP says it is ideal for companies in oil and gas exploration, mechanical computer-aided design (CAD), mechanical computer-aided engineering, medical, and video and animation.

HP Z620: The Intermediate

HP's Z620 workstation supports single- and dual-socket processors, up to 16 processing cores, and up to 96 GB of ECC memory. It can also be loaded up with up to 11 terabytes storage, as well as Nvidia Quadro 6000 or dual Nvidia Quadro 5000 graphics. HP says it is suitable for companies in financial services, video, animation and architecture.

Compact And Easy To Carry

HP says the Z620's compact form factor is designed for companies that need to make the most of their available space. Like the Z820, the Z620 features an easy-to-remove chassis with integrated handles and a tool-free power supply. It is expected to hit the market next month and is priced at $1,649.

HP Z420: Small Size, But Powerful

Though it is the smallest of the new Z workstations, HP's Z420 still packs a punch. It comes with up to eight processing cores and supports Intel's E5-1600 and E5-2600 Xeon processors. The Z420 also features up to 64 GB of ECC memory and 11 TB of storage, as well as Nvidia Quadro 5000 or dual Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics. It is expected to arrive next month and is priced starting at $1,169.

Slick Design

Like its other Z workstation family members, the Z420 is designed for easy access to the guts of the machine, and also comes with optional liquid cooling for quiet operation, despite all the power.

HP Z1 Workstation: Another New Family Member

With the Z1 all-in-one workstation, unveiled last month at GPC, HP is targeting customers with even greater space constraints. The Z1 is designed to fit inside a 27-inch white LED display that supports 30-bit color and a pallet of over 1 billion colors.

The panel can be quickly flipped open, like the hood of a car, to provide access to all the components inside, including a 400-watt power supply and space for two hard drives or SSDs. The Z1 display also features a 178-degree viewing angle and an in-plane switching panel.

Packed With Power

HP's Z1 supports Intel quad-core processors and is configurable in a number of ways. Customers can opt for USB 3.0, a Blu-ray DVD writer as well as 7.2K and 10K SATA, SSD options and optional RAID configurations. It's priced starting at $1,899 and is expected to ship in April.

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