Google Project Glass: Technical Reality Or Pie In The Sky?

Google Glass

Imagine checking the sky in the morning and seeing the weather forecast superimposed into your field of vision, as if the window was your personal life dashboard. That's the idea behind Google's Project Glass, a thought project made public today by Google X Labs with the lofty goal of creating technology that's always with you. But instead of a window, it uses (as-yet invented) high-tech glasses that move through life as you do, providing guidance at your command.

Heads-Up Display

As if the Bluetooth earpiece wasn't obstreperous enough, a Google Glass device would surround the head with gadgetry. Using technology that's available today, such high-tech specs might consist of a stereo headset affixed with a heads-up display that pairs with a Web-connected smartphone via Bluetooth.


While drinking your morning coffee, a friend invites you via text message to "meet up today." You say, "Sure! Bookstore in 20?" and your spoken words are captured, converted to text, and sent as a reply. You're meeting at the bookstore, but there's a problem...

Real Time Alerts

You were going to take the subway, but your Glass tells you that service is suspended at the station. Below the message, you're presented with alternative modes of transport.

Walking Directions

When the subway's out, there's always hoofing it. The Glass can present walking directions or any other travel information available online. During your walk, arrows appear at each cross street to guide you along. There are apparently no limits to this fantastic system.

Location, Location

You're at the bookstore but your friend is not. Fortunately, he has shared his location, so you can tap into his whereabouts. Oh, it looks like he's quite close. You meet and conduct your business.


Later, you receive a call from another friend. You accept her call and realize she's sitting at a webcam. How lucky, because you just walked up to the roof of your building...

Shared View

...and you're sharing this beautiful sunset. These scenes came from a simulation video of Google Glass in action from the perspective of the person wearing the glasses. It's great to fantasize about things like this, but in reality, all the technology shown in the video could actually be done today if the software existed to implement it. That's what Google's Project Glass is all about—collecting ideas and resources for implementing this particular pie in the sky.