10 'Green' Tech Products To Celebrate On Earth Day

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Asus' Bamboo Series Of Laptops

Like many PC makers, Asus takes strides to protect Mother Nature in a variety ways. But one of its most obvious eco-friendly moves was in 2010, when it strayed from traditional metal or plastic laptop frames to launch a series of mobile PCs in which the frames have been crafted almost entirely out of bamboo.

According to the PC maker, bamboo is one of the earth’s most renewable and fastest-growing resources, known to grow as much as 23 inches in 24 hours. Plus, it’s just as durable as its metal alloy counterparts. Asus said its bamboo-crafted U6V notebook is the first ever to have survived the unforgiving conditions atop Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak.

The bamboo notebooks are still available today, and they tend to start at about $800.


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