10 'Green' Tech Products To Celebrate On Earth Day

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AMD's Opteron Server Chips

In addition to notebook and desktop PCs, AMD chips are found in servers. And to help curb the power appetite of these energy-intensive machines, the chip maker launched its Opteron series of low-power chips in November.

Optimized specifically for data centers, the Bulldozer architecture-based Opteron 6200, 4200, and 3200 series are said to boost server performance without sacrificing power efficiency. The 6200, specifically, offers an 86 percent increase in performance, while requiring only half the power-per-core than its predecessor server chips.

What’s more, the Opteron chips include a Thermal Design Power Cap feature that allows data center operators both to customize the chips to meet specific power and workload demands and to tap into unused space on a server rack.

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