25 Father's Day Gifts For Tech-Loving Dads

Dad's High-Tech Wish List

Father's Day is on June 17, and what better way to show dad some love than arming him with the latest and greatest gadgets? Here’s a roundup of 25 tech-related gifts for dads of all types, whether he's a sports enthusiast, music fan or straight-up tech guy.

Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control

Even the most tech savvy folks can get flustered by the herd of remote controls needed to navigate today's TVs. Help dad avoid any remote-related confusion this year by getting him the Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control. For $79.99 you can replace as many as five remote controls with the Harmony 650 and rely on colored icons and a comprehensive list of commands to get to your favorite show on time and headache-free.

Kindle Touch

Not only is Amazon’s new Kindle Touch 8 percent lighter and 11 percent smaller than earlier versions, but it touts new multi-touch and text-to-speech capabilities that make reading more interactive than ever. Bookworm dads can also enjoy the e-reader’s new X-Ray feature, which lets users drill down to learn more about characters and historical figures from their favorite books.

The Kindle Touch is available on Amazon.com for a special offer price of $99.


One of the very first digital streaming players out of the gate, Roku connects to in-home wireless networks (no PC needed) to stream TV shows, live sports, music, games and more in minutes. The highest-end and most recent Roku 2 XS has access to over 500 channels and hundreds of free movies, delivers everything in HD and goes for $99. It even comes with a free edition of Angry Birds, in case dad gets an inkling.

GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS Range Finder

For dads looking to work on their golf game this summer, the GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS Range Finder is like a personal golf trainer that fits in your pocket. With a full feature rangefinder, a distance measuring module, and automatic course and hole recognition for up to 40,000 courses, dad is sure to find his swing in no time. Plus, it’s water and shock resistant, meaning this $299.99 gadget can withstand even the roughest of golf terrains.

Bose QuietComfort 15 Headphones

Ensure dad gets some shut eye on his next redeye flight with Bose's QuietComfort 15 noise-cancellation headphones. With significant sound reduction across a wide range of frequencies, Bose refers to this headset, which also touts a cushy, comfortable design, as its quietest yet. These $299 headphones are said to reveal even the most "subtle nuances" of your favorite songs when hooked up to an iPod, and they get up to 35 hours of battery life to last even the lengthiest of flights.

Opena iPhone Case

These days, iPhones are capable of doing everything from making dinner reservations to giving us directions to providing weather reports. And now, with the Opena iPhone Case, they can open bottles, too. Available in either black or white for $39.95, this one-of-a-kind case for the iPhone 4 and 4S touts a protective PC hard case, complete with an integrated slide-out stainless steel bottle opener. So now, dad’s iPhone can open a cold one, too.

Epson MovieMate 85HD Projector

Help dad make those big games, well, even bigger with the Epson MovieMate 85HD Projector. A powerful, high-resolution projector with 2500 lumens of color output, the MovieMate aims to make everything from TV shows to Xbox games to movies look bigger, brighter and better. It has a built-in DVD, music player and dual Dolby stereo speakers, and it can project images up to 12 times larger than a 40-inch widescreen TV.

The MovieMate 85HD goes for $749, but there’s also a lower-end MovieMate 55 that sells for $299.


For BBQ-loving dads, consider the iGrill, an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer. It frees any grill master from having to stand guard by sending status updates on food temperature to dad's iPhones, iPad or iPod Touch from up to 200 feet away. To use it, purchase the $79.99 iGrill device (available in either black or white), insert the thermometer into the grub, and then wait for a wireless alert when it’s ready via the free iGrill app in iTunes.

Free ground shipping for the iGrill device is available through June 15 as a Father’s Day special.

Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker

Portable speakers are perfect for mixing tunes with the great outdoors -- when they aren’t bogged down by a mess of wires, that is. That’s why the Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker is a great fit for on-the-go dads who want their music to travel with them, no strings attached (literally). Through its use of a 10-hour rechargeable battery, the Z515, which starts at about $77, connects to your iPhone or iPod using either a USB adapter or Bluetooth connection to produce a loud and clear sound -- wire-free.

ArtRage For iPad And iPhone

A safe bet for artistically inclined dads, the ArtRage app lets users turn their iPad into a canvas. With a slew of virtual tools to choose from, including pencils, air brushes and paint rollers, dad’s next digital masterpiece is just a download away.

The ArtRage app is available in iTunes for $6.99 until June 17, as part of a Father’s Day Special.

Kodak PlaySport Waterproof Camera

Make sure dad doesn’t miss a moment this summer with the Kodak PlaySport Waterproof Camera. Built-in image stabilization will let him take both HD pictures and video in even the harshest conditions. Dustproof, shockproof and capable of taking a 10-foot plunge under water, the Kodak PlaySport captures full 1080-pixel HD video and 16:9 widescreen HD pictures with a five-megapixel camera. They start around $79.99 and come in a variety of colors.

Nike+ FuelBand

Active dads looking to keep tabs on their daily exercise regimen would benefit from the Nike+ FuelBand, a little black wristband that tracks calories burned and steps taken, whether running, walking, dancing or playing basketball. Users can set daily goals for themselves and track their progress using a Nike+ FuelBand mobile app that syncs up with the band.

Nike’s new gadget comes in five different sizes and sells for $149.


If dad loves his iPad but misses his good, ol’ fashioned keyboard, the $99 ZAGGfolio would make for an ideal Father’s Day gift. Less than one-inch thick and weighing just 19 ounces, this ultra-portable iPad accessory makes typing on Apple’s flagship tablet a breeze. Plus, the ZAGGfolio comes with a durable, microfiber case that can be used as both an iPad cover and stand.

A range of colors is available, and the battery is said to last for several months without needing a charge.

Humminbird GPS Fish Finders

Help dad get more bites this year with a Humminbird GPS fish finder. These high-res boat companions arm fisherman with instant image updates of the waters below, along with real-time sonar capabilities designed to find more fish, more quickly. Humminbird makes a whole lineup of GPS finders, ranging from the lower-end 300 series that starts at around $179 to the higher-end 1100 series that starts at $1,999.

MacBook Pro With Retina Display

Apple created quite a stir (what else is new, huh?) when it unveiled its next-generation MacBook Pro, equipped with the new iPad’s highly buzzed-about Retina Display, at its Worldwide Developer Conference this week. This new, ultra-thin laptop would afford dad lightning-fast processing speeds with Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core processors, along with stunning graphics with its new 2880-by-1800 resolution. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is available on Apple’s web site for $2,199.

Sony PS-LX300USB Stereo Turntable

If dad’s an old-school music junkie, the Sony PS-LX300USB Stereo Turntable is probably right up his alley. This $129 turntable lets users play classic vinyl albums on a hi-fi modern system. A USB connection also makes it possible to import those classic hits onto a PC, iPod or other MP3 player for on-the-go listening while included Audio Studio software helps optimize and revive the sound.


For a dad that’s a kid at heart, arm him with the old-school video games he remembers and loves using iCade, an "arcade cabinet" that transforms your iPad into a vintage gamer’s heaven. The $100 iCade is about the size of desktop PC and resembles a mini arcade console (think Pac-Man, but smaller, circa 1985) into which users can slide their iPad. Once in the cradle, the iPad uses a Bluetooth connection to act as the iCade screen. The "Atari Greatest Hits" app is included with iCade, bringing over 100 classic Atari games to dad’s fingertips.

Samsung Smart TV

Who needs a remote when you can control your TV with the swipe of a hand? Well, a Samsung Smart TV lets dad do just that. With the simple wave of his fingers or even the sound of his voice, he can select his favorite movies, sports and TV shows remote-free. What’s more, popular apps like YouTube, Facebook and Pandora can be downloaded and accessed via the Samsung Smart TV, and Skype can be used through a built-in camera. Both 51- and 55-inch models are available, but they tend to start on the higher end, around $3,000.


The SensoGlove is a unique golf glove with built-in sensors that help Masters-in-training perfect their grip. For $89, dads can use this tech-savvy glove, equipped with a mini computer screen, to develop a better swing, improve their driving distance and lock down a perfect grip using both audio and visual feedback. The SensoGlove comes in a range of sizes and runs on standard watch batteries, which come included and last for 80-100 hours of play.

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve For iPhone, iPod

Unlike some iPhone charging cases that look bulky and tend to weigh the gadget down, the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve is perfect for dads on-the-road. This portable iPhone charger is just 3 inches tall, 0.5 inches thick and weighs 1.6 ounces, making it lightweight enough to slip into a pocket. When an emergency charge is needed, the top flips open to expose an Apple dock connector, and the side of the pack hosts a barely visible USB port. A key ring is also included.

The Mophie Juice Pack Reserve has a $35 price tag, which is less steep than other iPhone charging cases, which can go for as much as $75.

Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet

For indecisive dads who can’t choose between a laptop and tablet, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X220 gives them the best of both worlds. Its convertible form factor allows it to be twisted and turned into either a traditional clamshell notebook or a touchscreen tablet that gets top-of-the-line performance with Intel’s third-generation Ivy Bridge processors. The X220, which sells for $1,249, weighs in at a fairly light 3.6 pounds and can be coupled with Lenovo’s Battery Stretch technology to get up to an 18-hour charge.

KudoCase For The iPad

KudoCase (formerly LilyPad) is a multi-purpose, solar-powered iPad case perfect for energy-conscious dads. Apart from providing the average user up to a 12-day charge from both indoor and outdoor light, the KudoCase is the self-proclaimed Swiss Army Knife of iPad covers, equipped with a movie and keyboard stand, a USB power-out port to charge other, non-iPad devices, and even a "whistler locator," which helps users locate the case by whistling and following a responding beep.

There is a separate case for the original iPad and one that’s compatible with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. Both go for $200.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Constantly juggling between a smartphone and a tablet can be a daunting task. At least, that seems to have been Samsung’s mindset when developing its unique Galaxy Note, a half-tablet, half-smartphone device (which some tech fans have unofficially dubbed a "phablet"). The 5.3-inch Note fills the shoes of both a phone and a tablet PC, touting a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and up to 16 GB of RAM memory.

The device, which starts around $250, also comes with the S Pen, a digital writing utensil that can be used to jot down notes, draft an email or text, or sketch directly on the screen.

Ivee Digit Voice Control Alarm Clock

Ease dad in and out of his busy days with the ivee Digit Voice Control Alarm Clock. Familiar with 35 different voice commands, ivee eliminates the need to manually set a wake-up time, hit the snooze button or turn off the alarm. This hands-free gadget can also tell users the date and temperature, and it has three different "sleep sounds" to help dad get the shuteye he needs.

The ivee Digit Voice Control Alarm Clock sells for $35 and is available at Brookstone.com.

Apple TV

Apple TV, the flagship digital media receiver from the Cupertino, Calif.-based giant, is the perfect gift for dads who want access to thousands of HD movies and TV shows at the push of a button. Not only does the $99 device lets users download movies and TV shows from iTunes to play on their HD TV, but a feature called AirPlay lets them stream content from their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as well. Angry Birds never looked so big.