Head-to-Head: Microsoft Surface Vs. Apple iPad

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Surface RT Vs. iPad 3

Microsoft's Monday announcement of an "iPad killer" device called Surface has once again proven the company's ability to surprise the world.

What emerged from the secretive press conference in Los Angeles was the revelation of two tablet devices: an Intel Core-based tablet called Surface for Windows 8 Pro that’s set for availability along with Windows 8 (widely expected this fall) and an ARM-based device dubbed Surface for Windows RT, expected about 90 days later. During the press event, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer seemed uninspired -- perhaps even angry -- as he described a device specifically designed for people who want to "create and consume...to work and to play...on the couch, at their desk and on the go."

Perhaps Ballmer believed (as we did about a minute into the second segment of the announcement) that the announcement may have been premature. Presenter demeanor aside, Surface is a strong product, and spec-for-spec is a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad 3.

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