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Get 'Em While You Can: 9 Samsung Devices That Apple Wants Banned

Kristin Bent

Galaxy S 4G

T-Mobile debuted Samsung's Galaxy S 4G, also one of Samsung's earliest Galaxy smartphones, in February 2011. Since its initial launch, the Galaxy S 4G has been updated to run Google's Android "Gingerbread" OS, and as its name suggests, it runs on T-Mobile's high-speed 4G networks.

The Galaxy S 4G, like most of the eight Samsung phones Apple is attempting to ban, was found to infringe on the basic look and feel of the iPhone, along with Apple utility patents for features such as tapping on a document to enlarge it.

Like the Showcase, Samsung shouldn't take too a big a hit if this phone is banned, as most shoppers have likely flocked to its newer Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III devices over the last year.

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