10 Mobility Trends To Inspire And Scare The Channel

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ScanSource CTO Dixon (pictured) said solution providers will need a fundamental understanding of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and how customers' infrastructure requirements, going forward, will require addressing both "attended" and "unattended devices."

That means everything from automobile telematics -- in which technology monitors cars and can communicate things such as when oil needs to be changed -- to refrigerators with IP addresses and RFID tags on livestock that can communicate, say, the last time a farm cow was milked.

It may sound unnerving, but the leap for specialized solution providers isn't a big one, Dixon said.

"This uses a lot of the technologies we're already accustomed to in verticals we're already participating in," Dixon said. "If you do anything around inventory management, think of it as inventory management, but now the inventory talks back."


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