10 Scenes Of Anticipation From Apple's iPhone 5 Launch

Dawn Of A New iPhone

Apple unveiled a new iPhone this week at an event in downtown San Francisco, which was accompanied by the usual fusillade of pre-show speculation by self-styled clairvoyants.

Outside, before Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage, invitees queued up and chatted breezily amongst themselves, secure in the knowledge that they would be among the first to witness the iPhone 5 unveiling. Television media talking heads rehearsed their on-the-scene coverage and passersby shot quizzical looks at the assembled throngs.

CRN was on the scene Wednesday morning and attempted to crash the iPhone 5 party. Though we were unsuccessful, we still managed to capture several shots illustrating the excitement outside, and following are 10 examples.

Gathering Of Tech Media Giants

A group of technology media members, including Walt Mossberg, principal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal (at center), chat outside the venue for the iPhone 5 launch event. Later, they watched Apple unveil the iPhone 5, an updated iPod Touch, and a major upgrade to iTunes.

Agonizing Wait

Event invitees kill time while waiting in line to have their worlds rocked, courtesy of Apple. After the doors opened, Apple executives showed off the larger, 4-inch display of the iPhone 5, launching the latest seismic jolt to rip through the smartphone market.

Stealthy Entrance

Apple is the world's most secretive company, and its employees are expected to uphold its code of silence. Oddly, Apple employees stood out at the iPhone 5 launch because they wore turquoise t-shirts. This one was captured entering the venue through the back door under the watchful gaze of a security guard.

Calm Before The Storm

Two hours before the doors opened, the scene outside the event venue was quiet. This San Francisco Giants fan passing by may have been unaware that the iPhone was about to get a larger screen and support for 4G wireless. He likely was also unaware of the coming iTunes upgrade, due in October.

TV Stations Jockey For Position

Local San Francisco television media were on hand to cover every minute of Apple's iPhone 5 unveiling. Reporters were observed interviewing random passersby to gauge their reaction to the smartphone upgrade.

Frustration Setting In?

As the line of invitees grew longer and the area outside the venue grew more congested, a palpable sense of anxiety seemed to permeate the crowd. Clearly, not everyone was going to get into the event, and that disappointing realization hit hard for some of the gathered masses.

Momentous Occasion

Some passersby stopped to take in the hubbub and took advantage of the photo op by snapping some pictures outside the venue.

Queuing Up For A Glimpse Of History

Sure, the line got pretty long after a while, but the people waiting in it didn't seem to mind. After all, it's not every day that one gets to watch Apple executives introduce a new iPhone.

Are Your Papers In Order?

Event staff scrutinized the credentials of invitees thoroughly before granting them access.

Media Check-In

The scene at the media check-in counter was more relaxed. If one didn't have an invitation beforehand, one had pretty much zero chance of being allowed into the venue to see Apple's latest technological marvels.

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