8 Factors That Led To RIM's Fall

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The Anonymous Letters

In June 2011, Boy Genius Report published a letter it received from an anonymous (and clearly disgruntled) RIM employee, addressed directly to then-CEOs Lazaridis and Balsillie. Not only did the letter-writer beg for a greater emphasis to be placed on marketing and app development for RIM's struggling line of BlackBerry smartphones, but also revealed what appeared to be a harsh corporate culture in which employees feared speaking up.

"We should also address issues surrounding making RIM an enjoyable workplace," the letter read. "Some of our offices feel like Soviet-era government workplaces."

Two additional letters surfaced after this one, also exposing instances of low employee morale and poor leadership at RIM. Though they may not have had a direct impact on the company's bottom line, these letters didn't exactly make for the glowing public image RIM could have used to turn things around.


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