32 Stats Proving How Popular The iPad Really Is

The Apple Of Your Eye?

Just how much do users love their iPads? According to a recent survey, probably more than you think.

Brainshark, an online and mobile presentation company based in Waltham, Mass., surveyed more than 1,300 iPad owners last month to gauge their attachment to Apple's flagship tablet. Some of the responses, highlighted here, are pretty shocking.

Take a look at these 32 statistics to get a sense of just how popular Apple's iPad has truly become.

Broken Hearted

Sure, any user would be disappointed if they dropped their favorite tablet and watched it shatter across the floor. But for Apple customers, this prospect seems especially frightening, with some users more willing to endure physical pain than experience the grief of a broken iPad.

Brainshark found that 32 percent of survey respondents -- or 1 in 3 users -- would rather have a root canal than accidentally destroy their iPads. Sixteen percent said they would rather break their nose, and a whopping 40 percent said they would rather get into a minor car accident.

Meanwhile, 10 percent of users said they would rather lose their jobs.

Attached At The Hip

Brainshark noted that 17 million iPads, or more than double the population of New York City, were sold during the second quarter of this year alone, making it hard to believe that all of those tablets are being used only in offices or schools -- and as it turns out, they're not.

Twenty-one percent of respondents said they use their iPads while taking a bath, while 34 percent were brave enough to admit the tablet has accompanied them on trips to the bathroom for, well, other reasons.

Perhaps less surprisingly, almost all respondents -- or 92 percent of them, at least -- said they take their iPads with them on vacation.

What I Like About You

The Brainshark survey also revealed some interesting insights into why users love their iPads so dearly.

According to the results, 88 percent of owners appreciate the device's portability, 77 percent love how quickly it turns on and 72 percent said they love the apps.

Other users had, let's say, more unique reasons for their admiration: 43 percent of survey-takers said they appreciate the iPad being like a "pacifier" for their children, while 1 in 4 people, or about 27 percent, said they love the tablet simply because it's a "piece of art."

At A Loss

Turns out iPad owners fear losing the device just as much as they fear breaking it.

Brainshark found that 42 percent of users would rather lose their license than their iPad, 20 percent would rather lose their wedding ring and 27 percent would rather lose their wallet.

Some users are also more willing to brave the elements than lose their beloved tablets. More than one-third of iPad owners, or 34 percent, said they would rather give up their air conditioning, while 42 percent said they would rather give up their heat.

More Than A Tablet

Tablets are often argued to be devices that complement traditional PCs, rather than replace them. But when it comes to the iPad, it turns out they're actually replacing a lot of things. And it's not just laptops.

According to Brainshark, more than two-thirds, or 67 percent, of the 1,300 iPad users surveyed said the tablet has completely replaced books for them. Thirty-one percent said their iPad has replaced their TV, another 31 percent said it has replaced their camera and 32 percent said it's replaced their GPS.

Down To Business

The iPad, for many users, has clearly become a household staple. But, the popular tablet has also become a must-have tool in the business world, according to Brainshark's stats.

Forty-seven percent of users said they would rather have their iPads at work than get a bigger office, while 34 percent said they wouldn't even give up the tablet for a promotion to a more senior position. Sixty-eight percent said they'd rather have an iPad at work than their own designated parking space, and 23 percent said they would take the tablet over an extra week of vacation days.

Hunger Pains

Just as it's considered a must-have tool in business, the iPad is viewed by many as essential during business travel -- even if it means risking hunger or dehydration to keep it by their sides.

Just under half of Brainshark's 1,300 respondents said they would rather give up food during a day of travel than not have their iPads on hand. A slightly lower 41 percent said they would give up water for a 24-hour period before they'd give up their beloved tablets, while 35 percent said they'd risk forgoing all bathroom breaks.

Don't Leave Home Without It

For some business users, the only thing worse than traveling a day without an iPad is arriving at their destination to realize they've forgotten it all together.

Brainshark's survey showed that 35 percent of iPad owners would rather forget to pack a change of clothes for a business trip than forget the tablet, and an even greater 55 percent said they'd rather forget deodorant. Some users were even willing to risk damages to their home if it meant their iPads were in tow; twenty-two percent said they would rather forget to lock their front door than forget to pack the tablet, and 17 percent said they'd rather forget to turn off the oven.

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