Head-To-Head: iPad Mini Vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Vs. Google Nexus 7

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Display Resolution

iPad mini: 1,024 x 768

Google Nexus 7: 1,280 x 800
Amazon Kindle Fire HD: 1,280 x 800

Apple's new full-sized iPad is equipped with the same industry-leading Retina display that debuted with the third-generation iPad, but the iPad mini isn't, which makes it a step behind rivals Google and Apple when it comes to screen resolution.

The iPad mini display isn't poor, by any means; it's the same 1,024-x-768 display found on the iPad 2. But, the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD have it beat with a 1,280-x-800 screen resolution that arms them with 53 more pixels per inch.

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