IDC: Top Five Best-Selling Smartphone Brands Of Q3

The worldwide smartphone market increased by 25.2 percent in the third quarter, according to a report from IDC. Here are the top five best-selling smartphone brands of the quarter.

25 Head-Turning Cloud Solutions

The cloud continues to be a critical part of today's business strategies. Here are 25 hot cloud solutions released in the past year that offer new opportunities for cloud-solution and managed service providers.

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With the release of many big-name tablets in the past few months, everyone wants to make sure their new device is well-protected. Here are 10 cool cases available right now.

Survey: Global Business Execs Fear Cloud Delays

A recent survey by London-based cloud service provider Canopy reveals executives' fears about losing money and missing opportunites in the rapidly changing cloud landscape.

10 Technologies That Should Creep You Out

CRN rounds up apps, chips and other technologies either in development or out on the market that border on the frightening, or just plain weird.

12 Key Take-Aways From Microsoft's 1Q Results

Microsoft is in transition and its first-quarter financial report offers some insights into where the company, and the markets in which it competes, are going.

10 Ways The Tech World Is Fighting Ebola

The tech world has come together to fight the spread of Ebola with cash, cloud computing resources and websites.

HP's Sprout: The Soul Of A New Immersive Computing Machine

More than four years in development, HP unleashes its once-ultra-secret Sprout that lets users create everything from artwork to new product designs in a compelling 3-D workspace.

15 Tech Companies That Spent The Most On Lobbying This Quarter

Tech companies have spent millions in Washington D.C. this quarter. Take a look at the 15 tech companies that spent the most to gain some political clout.

10 Reasons Why IBM Watson Matters To The Channel

The company's Watson Group officially made a splash in the cognitive computing space when it opened the doors to its new headquarters this month. How far can the technology's reach go?

Solution Providers Prepare For Workforce, Technologies Of Tomorrow

Channel partners discussed how to adopt new technologies and best practices for compensation, and motivating young workers, during a panel at Tech Data's TechSelect partner conference.

CRN Exclusive: CEO Meg Whitman On Everything You Need To Know About HP's Split

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman earlier this month sat down for an exclusive interview with CRN, where she discussed HP's plans to split into two companies, what drove the decision and why she thinks HP partners will come out the better for it.

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For the week ending Oct. 24, CRN looks at IT companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions.

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The Rise And Fall Of VCE: The History Of An Unusual Partnership

We look at VCE from its start as a developer of reference architectures based on EMC, Cisco and VMware technologies through its transformation into a $2 billion developer of integrated data center solutions to now as a new unit of the EMC Federation.

Head-to-Head: Apple iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M8

The feature-rich HTC One holds up well against Apple's latest iPhone. The CRN Test Center compares the two smartphones.

Websense CEO: Bush-League Partners Were Hurting Our Channel Strategy

Websense has grown beyond merely web filtering and data loss prevention, adding advanced malware and other features that require skills many partners lack, said Websense CEO John McCormack.

Top 20 Cities Where The Most Tech Deals Go Down

Silicon Valley still accounts for the lion's share of deals, but it's not the only place seeing M&A action.

15 Hot Security Companies That Could Be Symantec Acquisition Targets

If Symantec had the cash on hand to acquire technology and talent to fill in the gaps in its portfolio, solution providers and industry analysts said these hot security industry startups could be the right fit.

7 Serious Mobile Application Security Risks

These dangerous coding and implementation issues can give attackers easy access to corporate data and personal information.

10 Notable Takeaways From Apple's Quarterly Earnings Call

Apple had its latest earnings call after market close Monday, during which it talked up the positive momentum in iPad sales and addressed declining tablet demand. Here are the 10 takeways from the call.

CRN Exclusive: HP CEO Whitman On Dell, Autonomy, And Future HP Acquisitions

HP CEO Meg Whitman spoke with CRN in a wide-ranging interview about Dell's channel moves, the Autonomy deal in hindsight, future acquisition possibilities and the company's split. Here is an excerpt from the no-holds-barred conversation.

13 Most Valuable Tech Brands Of 2014

Interbrand recently released its 15th annual list of most valuable brand names. Here are the 13 most valuable tech brands on its list.

Head-To-Head: Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Apple faces new competition from Samsung but is keeping its 64-bit edge. Here's how the iPhone 6 Plus compares to the Galaxy Note 4.