10 More Must-Have Windows Phone 8 Apps

What's Great On Windows Phone 8

Even though the number of Android and iOS apps surpasses the number of Windows Phone 8 apps, the list for Windows Phone 8 apps is growing. According to Metro Scanner, a stat provider for Windows Store, there currently are 51,841 Windows Phone 8 apps. Back in January, the CRN Test Center brought you 7 Must-Have Apps For Windows Phone 8. Here are 10 more worthy additions to that list.


More apps are crossing over and being made available for the Windows Phone 8 platform. With AppSwitch, those looking for an app previously used on a different platform will have an easier time. By simply searching the name of a familiar app, AppSwitch provides a list of alternative apps available for Windows Phone 8. If a match is currently unavailable, this free app can alert users to the next available similar app.

Account Tracker

Keeping track of spending habits and overseeing balances from several accounts is a bit simpler with Account Tracker. This personal finance app, developed by independent iOS app developer Graham Haley, is now available for Windows Phone 8 for $2.49. Similar to other Windows app designs, this app has a simple and clean user interface. Swiping from screen to screen displays an account summary of all personal accounts and transactions for each, including spending, income, refunds and transfers. There also are pages for budgets, cash flow and spending.


While Instapaper saves Web pages to be read later on a mobile device, PaperPress, an unofficial client for Instapaper, does the same. Available now for Windows Phone 8, this app was created by multiplatform mobile and Web app developer OMA Studios. This free app allows readers to view their unread, liked and archived articles while on the go. However, a premium Instapaper account (for a payment of $1 per month) is required.


Users can stay one step ahead of their tasks with PowerTasks, a task management app developed by independent publisher TEJUSW Software. With simple task input, this app can create lists and uses live tiles to easily sort tasks based on priorities, due dates and follow-up dates. To be on alert, tasks for certain due dates are highlighted in orange and red, based on urgency.

TuneIn Radio

Users can turn on and tune in with TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone 8. Developed by streaming audio app developer TuneIn, this free app streams music, news and podcasts, similar to the popular app iHeartRadio. Listeners on the go can explore live radio from 70,000 radio stations worldwide and search favorite artists, comedians and interviews. Major broadcasters ESPN, BBC, CBS and informative TEDTalks are available as well. To run, this app requires a data connection.



This summer, a version of the popular CoPilot GPS for Android and iOS will be available for Windows Phone 8. This navigation app was developed by GPS navigation software specialist ALK Technologies. ActiveTraffic provides turn-by-turn navigation, speed limit warnings and utilizes live traffic information to calculate the quickest routes and estimate arrival times. Street maps also are stored in the app for offline use, and it will use local search engines such as Google, Yelp and Wikipedia.

AmazingWeather HD

AmazingWeather HD is nothing short of amazing. Available for 99 cents and developed by Windows Phone app developer EIZSOFT, this customizable weather app lets users mix and match live tiles and app is equipped with lock screen support to easily check the weather without unlocking the phone. AmazingWeather offers hourly and five-day forecasts, including weather details on what it "feels like" outside and wind mileage. An impressive feature about this app is the radar, infrared and satellite imagery.

Feed Me

For insatiable readers, Feed Me is one app that will satisfy a hunger for information. This RSS reader app for Windows Phone 8 was developed by forty3degrees, a New Zealand Windows Phone app developer based in Germany. While the app syncs with Google Reader and NewsBlur, it also has a preset list of popular site feeds. For $1.99, users can search for different feeds, easily organize selected feeds into groups, and bookmark favorite feeds. While podcasts can be downloaded and listened to, articles also can be listened to via SoundGecko. The app includes full support for YouTube feeds and offline browsing of previously downloaded articles.

Password Padlock

An easy and secure solution for managing a number of passwords, Password Padlock is a free Windows Phone 8 app created by independent developer gkcSoft to conveniently and safely store passwords. Using AES-256 encryption, this app encrypts all passwords, which can then be accessed by a single master password. The master password is never stored on the phone. The username and password to a specific site can then be input and saved. Passwords can be organized by category such as financial, credit cards, entertainment, social and software. This app also syncs with SkyDrive to back up the list of encrypted passwords.


Move over Siri, here comes Indigo for Windows Phone 8 devices. Indigo is a cloud-based, cross-platform, personal assistant app developed by Artifical Solutions, a company specializing in natural-language processing. Indigo adheres to spoken commands and questions. Text messages can be converted from voice into text and sent, all through voice command. Existing apps such as contacts, weather, maps, calendars and alarms can be managed as well. With social media integration, Facebook can be updated and tweets can be sent. Indigo also works with Yelp to find the best restaurants and utilizes Google or Bing to make searches. With Indigo's cloud-based and cross-platform design, users can easily switch from one device to another. Look for its release in the next few weeks.