The Evolution Of The Smartphone In 7 Releases

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Palm Kyocera 6035 (2001)

Kyocera's Palm-powered device is considered to be the first modern, mass-marketed smartphone. The Kyocera 6035 was released in the spring of 2001 and ran the Palm 3.5 operating system. The device had phone, PDA and pager (remember those?) functionality and even had limited Web browser capability, too. Along with email, the Kyocera had other staple features like an address book, scheduler, memo pad and even voice recording. The Kyocera 6035 could run "hundreds" of Palm OS-compatible apps on the device. Wow, right? Still, the Palm device was novel at the time because it helped introduce the model of installable software on a phone.

Dimensions: 5.6 inches by 2.5 inches by 0.86 inches

Weight: 7.34 Ounces
Processor: 33 MHz Freescale Dragonball processor
Memory: 8 MB memory
Storage: 0
Battery Life: 5 hours of talk time

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