Mother's Day Gift Guide: 25 Great Tech Gift Ideas For Mom

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Fitbit One

This might just be "the one" for mom when it comes to managing her health and fitness. Fitbit's One is a wireless activity and sleep tracker.

While she is awake, this petite tracker (only 1.89 inches tall) will track her steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed and miles traveled. The results are then added, and the device presents an "active score." While asleep, it measures her sleep cycle and how well she sleeps, and it even allows her to set alarms.

The statistics are then synced wirelessly to computers and smartphones, and real-time charts and graphs will display the activities being done. Fitbit One will help mom jumpstart, build and achieve fitness goals while keeping track.

Fitbit One is available for $89.99 and comes in black or burgundy. It includes the One tracker, a silicone and metal clip, a wireless sync USB dongle, a charging cord, a sleep wristband and a free membership to log and track activity.

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